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September 2, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Even low-impact car crashes like rear-end collisions can have a massive impact on your health and vehicle. Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are common, especially on busy roads, yet most individuals underestimate the significance of the aftermath.

It is best to immediately contact your Boca Raton rear-end car accident collision injury lawyer's team if you're involved in a rear-end collision. They can guide you on the way forward, and the auto accident lawyer will help you file a claim to get compensation for the damages incurred.

What Causes Rear-End Collisions?

Rear-end collisions mostly happen when the leading vehicle slows down or suddenly stops. The severity of the accident depends on how the car behind approaches the vehicle in front. Here are some common causes of rear-end crashes.


Distractions when driving are a leading cause of rear-end car accidents. The distracted driver won't notice the leading car is slowing down or has stopped. This will make them unable to react to the situation on time.


Tailgating happens when a driver is following another vehicle too close. Consequently, if the car in front stops or slows down, there's not enough space and time to react to the sudden changes.


Speeding can cause severe rear-end collisions. It causes a significant impact in the crash and could cause injuries to individuals in both vehicles.

What Injuries Are You Likely to Sustain After Rear-End Collision?

The severity of the injuries sustained after the rear-end collision depends on the cause of the accident. For instance, the impact of a rear-end collision due to speeding is greater than in the case of tailgating. Head, back, and neck injuries like the following are common in rear-end accident cases:


A concussion is a type of brain injury. It happens when the brain is pushed suddenly against the skull, causing bruises and other effects on the tissues. Most individuals tend to overrule the occurrence of a concussion after a low-impact rear-end collision. But the possibilities of this injury are high when the head collides forcefully with the vehicle's interior.

The worst part about concussions is that you may not experience immediate symptoms. It's critical to seek medical attention after a collision to ensure that you get your treatment.

Back Injuries

Modern cars feature seats with many safety features, including headrests to prevent neck injuries. Nonetheless, your sitting position will determine how you are impacted and if it results in a back or spinal cord injury. Sometimes, accident victims can become paralyzed.


Whiplash is a common injury after a rear-end collision because your body suddenly jolts out of its natural alignment. Your head and neck are forcefully jerked back and forth and can easily collide with the steering wheel or headrest. 

This causes severe injuries to the soft tissues. The symptoms may occur immediately or could be delayed, depending on the severity of the whiplash.

Who Is at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Many people assume that the rear driver is liable for rear-end collisions. Most rear-end collisions occur when the front car is not moving, and rear drivers crash because they're speeding, distracted, or following too closely.

However, rear drivers are not always at fault in these collisions. They can refute the claim that they caused the accident with adequate evidence. Therefore, it's crucial to hire your personal injury attorney to help. They can prove you were not at fault and that the other driver's negligence caused the wreck. Whether you were the rear driver or the front driver, we believe that we can help you.

We Can Help You Get Compensation After a Rear-End Collision

While you can't go back to how things were before the accident, obtaining financial compensation will help you move forward. A compensatory award can cater to:

  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Lost wages during the time of recovery

To obtain such damages for your injuries and losses, you must prove your eligibility for compensation. That's where our rear-end collision attorneys at Dolman Law Group come in to ease the claim filing process for you. 

We understand the ins and outs of collision law. So, you can trust our team serving Boca Raton to help you prove you were not at fault. We know how and where to collect evidence to prove the other driver's negligence. We go above and beyond to gather substantial proof by:

  • Contacting witnesses
  • Acquiring police reports
  • Getting copies of the traffic surveillance footage
  • Taking photos of the scene
  • Securing copies of your medical records to show that the sustained injuries resulted from the collision

After proving your eligibility for compensation, you've got to deal with the insurance company and negotiate to get the best value compensation. They may even deny your claim.

The insurer is not your friend. They're after profits, and since they know you need the money, they could trick you into accepting the lowest amount. Our attorneys come through to negotiate on your behalf until you get the compensation you need.

We're familiar with insurers' tricks to convince unsuspecting individuals to accept lower settlements than they are eligible to collect. We will present facts that show the nature of the accident and why your case is worth a particular amount. We will also protect your rights as a claimant.

We Will Represent You in Meetings and Court Hearings

The period after an accident can be physically and emotionally draining. It's not the best time to move to and from court hearings or meetings with the insurer. We'll take care of that for you to have peace of mind and focus on recovery.

Call Our Team About Your Boca Raton Rear-End Collision Injury

If you or your loved one is involved in a rear-end collision, don't hesitate to contact us at Dolman Law Group. Let our lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. Our Boca Raton team offers free consultations, so there is no obligation. You have nothing to lose in reaching out to our rear-end collision legal team.

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