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September 1, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

If you were injured in a rear-end car accident in Aventura, Florida, you may be entitled to compensation. An Aventura rear-end car accident collision injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights, pursue your compensation, and help you get on track to recovery. 

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What Damages Can a Rear-End Car Accident Victim Claim?

Damages refer to expenses incurred as a result of an incident. Economic damages are bills and other quantifiable expenses. 

Non-economic damages are more complicated. Non-economic damages involve the non-monetary costs associated with the incident, such as mental anguish. 

After a rear-end collision, you may be able to claim some (or all) of the following:

  • Medical bills: Payments for doctor visits, medications, surgeries, and procedures. You may also be able to claim future medical expenses.
  • Vehicle repair bills: This could include rental car fees (if necessary) and all repair bills associated with the crash.
  • Lost wages: If you had to miss time at work due to your injuries, you could claim any wages you have lost for time missed. 
  • Lost earning capacity: If an accident left you less capable of performing your job, you might be entitled to damages in the form of lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering: This refers to any emotional and physical pain you have suffered due to the crash. This is a non-economic damage and can be complicated to calculate.

Important Steps to Take Following Your Accident

Car accidents are scary. Rear-end car accidents can be even more frightening because often, the driver does not see the other vehicle coming. A driver who just got struck from behind can feel disoriented, frustrated, scared, and angry. 

While you may be confused and afraid, it is important to take the following steps to protect your legal rights. This can provide you with an advantageous legal position in the future. 

  1. Ensure your safety. Move your vehicle out of traffic, if possible. 
  2. Seek medical attention. Even if your crash was relatively minor, you might still have injuries. It is important to have your injuries diagnosed by a medical professional.
  3. Do not accept the first settlement offer from the insurance company. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as they possibly can. For this reason, initial settlement offers are often far lower than they should be. Be wary. Our team can review any offers you receive.
  4. Collect evidence. You can do this by taking photographs of the scene. Maintain all of your medical documentation as records and keep your receipts when you get your car repaired. 
  5. File a police report. A police report is an objective way to prove the facts of the crash later on down the line. Make sure to wait at the accident scene until the police arrive.

You may want to consider retaining an Aventura rear-end car accident lawyer to protect your rights. A car crash lawyer can help ensure that you have the best chance possible to get the compensation you are due.

What Injuries Are Associated With Rear-End Car Accidents?

Because rear-end car accidents often happen with little warning, the driver (and any passengers) can't brace for the impact. Rear-end car accidents are commonly associated with whiplash. Other injuries caused by these crashes include:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Burns
  • Cuts, bruises, and lacerations
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Head injuries (such as concussions)
  • Facial bruising
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken ribs

Causes of Rear-End Car Accidents

When a car strikes the back of another vehicle, the driver of the back car is typically assigned fault. In some cases, the driver of the car in the front can be at fault. 

It can be more straightforward to establish negligence in a rear-end car accident, as opposed to a personal injury case. Some of the most common reasons for rear-end car accidents include:

  • A driver following too closely
  • A distracted driver
  • A driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Texting and driving
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Reckless driving
  • A driver who is driving at unsafe speeds
  • Inclement weather
  • Unsafe road conditions
  • Roadwork
  • Mechanical failure (usually of the brakes or tires) of the following vehicle

If you were injured in a rear-end car accident in any of these circumstances, you might be able to claim damages.

How Long Do You Have to File a Rear-End Car Accident Lawsuit?

The time limit victims have to file a case is called the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is four years for a personal injury in Florida, according to Florida Statutes § 95.11. While this may seem like a long time, acting quickly can allow you to protect your legal rights. If someone lost their life, you might be considering a wrongful death suit. It is important to understand that the statute of limitations for a wrongful death case in Florida is not four years, but only two.

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