Seatbelts and Their Effectiveness

March 16, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Seatbelts and Their Effectiveness

Seat Belt Safety in Florida

There has been great speculation about the effects of seat belts and the laws requiring you to wear one. While in Florida, only front-seat passengers and those under the age of 18 must wear a seat belt, although there is still good reason to wear one if you're in the back seat. Traffic fatalities have been reported to be steadily dropping drastically since 2008; this is often contributed to the increase in seat belt usage. Read on to learn about seat belts and their effectiveness.

Florida Car Accident Claims

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We understand that a monetary value cannot be placed on a seriously injured or possibly late family member, but the stress that comes with medical and/or funeral expenses certainly doesn't help, so it could be worth some looking into. Getting pulled over for a seat belt, or lack thereof results in a $30 fine. That is a remarkable difference when compared to the price you must pay for committing other severe traffic violations like getting a DUI.

If you are thrown from a vehicle during an accident, your death risk goes up a whopping five times, making the simple fastening of a seat belt a wise choice for everyone. Surprisingly, there are people out there whose goals are to obliterate the use of seat belts and get rid of them altogether. Why? They claim that seat belts are killers and scams that are designed to generate revenue for companies that promote vehicle safety. I'm always open to hearing the opinions and viewpoints of others, and I won't shut down the theory entirely, but let's be honest; it defies common sense.

Deaths in Car Accidents Caused by Seat Belts

There are instances where a seat belt can actually cause death in an accident, but this is not only rare, it requires extraordinary circumstances and is usually due to someone's negligence. A good example is if a seat belt is being improperly worn without the chest strap, putting all of the pressure on your waistline and possibly causing internal organ damage, or being too big, small, or wrongly positioned on children.

There was a case where a little girl died in a car accident due to a “blunt-force injury caused by her seat belt”. Seat belts have had a lot of positive effects though. According to the National Organizations for Youths Safety, here are some impressive seat belt statistics.

  • In 2008, 64% of passengers between the ages 13-15 and 21-34 that were killed in a crash were not wearing seat belts.
  • Research shows that there is a 45% reduction in fatal injury risks for front-seat passengers when wearing a seat belt.
  • For passengers over 4 years old, in 2008 alone, seat belts saved an estimated 13,250 lives.
  • 88% of people over the age of 16 strongly agree that they would want to have their seat belts on during an accident.
  • The most common reason given by 16-20-year-olds when asked why they didn't wear a seat belt is because they forgot, or that their destination was close.

Let's face it, seat belts save lives, and not wearing one simply because it's ‘cool' to fight the law is an unnecessary risk. Does it take the loss of a loved one before people realize the importance of seat belts? Let's smarten up and spend the few seconds it takes each time we get into a vehicle; there's no good reason not to.

Seat Belt Laws in Florida

In the state of Florida, if a police officer happens to see you driving or riding in a vehicle without your seat belt restraint they are permitted to pull you over and give you a violation. Here are a few other Florida laws regarding seat belts:

  • Children of at least 12 years and younger must be seated in the rear seats of a motor vehicle
  • If you are seated in the front of a motor vehicle you must have your seat belts on at all times regardless of age
  • Children under the age of 18 much wear seat belts while in a motor vehicle

Wearing a seatbelt can potentially save your life during a car crash. With every increase in speed, the likelihood of getting into a crash that results in severe injuries increases. Putting on your seatbelt can be the difference between living or dying during a crash.

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