Do Not Let 411-PAIN Lead to Unnecessary Treatments

December 5, 2016 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Do Not Let 411-PAIN Lead to Unnecessary Treatments

After a car accident, it is normal to be confused regarding how to proceed. Do you call a lawyer? Do you try to handle an insurance claim on your own? Do you seek medical treatment? With all of these questions swirling around in your head, it may be tempting to listen to the TV or radio commercials that instruct you to call “411-PAIN” after a crash. This service purports to help you with your legal needs and help you obtain $10,000 for your injuries.

Unfortunately, before 411-PAIN will help you reach an attorney, the service will likely send you to one of the chiropractic clinics in its network. The chiropractor there will run tests, give you a diagnosis, and suggest a course of treatment, which generally involves multiple trips back to the clinic for different adjustments and treatments. What you may not know is that the chiropractor may be recommending unnecessary treatments for your injuries.

Why Would They Want You to Undergo Unnecessary Care?

When you are working with a chiropractor and an attorney through 411-PAIN or a similar referral service, you can be certain that they will be working together to get the most money possible from your case. It is important to understand how they achieve this so you can recognize if you have been a victim of this scheme.

When they promise you $10,000, they are simply referring to the common policy limit of your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance coverage. If you pay for medical treatment out of pocket, your PIP insurance should reimburse you for those costs. However, the clinics involved with 411-PAIN do not bill you directly. Instead, they bill your insurance company directly and the money will go straight to them and not to you. Because they do this, you may not even realize the true cost of your treatment or what is being billed.

By performing unnecessary tests or recommending unnecessary treatment, the clinic can bill for more and your attorney will also likely take a cut. They are trying to get as close to your policy maximum as possible, which is only a detriment to you. The following all may be unnecessary medical care that may be provided and billed to your PIP insurance company:

  • Diagnostic tests1 to test for unlikely conditions
  • Regular office visits even if your condition is improving
  • Specialized or highly technical treatments

If you call 411-PAIN or another similar referral service, you should be aware that the lawyers and chiropractors will be working together to line their own pockets, which can significantly reduce the amount that you personally receive. It can be difficult to know when a particular type of recommended treatment is unnecessary if you are not a medical professional and have little medical knowledge. The best way to identify whether treatment is appropriate is to get a second opinion from another medical professional. This is especially important if you suspect that a clinic in the 411-PAIN network or another referral service is billing for unnecessary services.

Call Our Clearwater Personal Injury Attorneys Instead of 411-PAIN Today

The legal team at the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA always wants to ensure that you receive all of the medical treatment that you need to properly recover from your physical injuries. However, we know that receiving unnecessary treatments and then trying to obtain compensation can only hurt your overall case. We will never push you into certain treatments and will always support your choice of a medical professional. Our main job is to help you through the insurance claim and legal process, not to suggest doctors, clinics, or treatments. We want you to receive the maximum possible compensation after your car accident, so please call us today for free at 727-853-6275 for more information about how we can help you.


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1 Dubious Diagnostic Tests


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