Kurn Hattin Home Students Report Sexual Abuse

January 3, 2024 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Kurn Hattin Home Students Report Sexual Abuse

Alleged Kurn Hattin Sexual Abuse Leads to Investigation

Recently, a group of former students who attended the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children came forward with allegations of sexual abuse from the institution's faculty. The allegations of sexual abuse come over 40 years after the abuse that occurred to the now-adult former students who were students and residents of the institution in the 1960s and 70s. So far, the Kurn Hattin Homes have stated that they are launching a full and private investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse that they claim to of been unaware of 

The Kurn Hattin Homes are a non-profit organization that serves as a charitable school and home for children who have been affected by tragedy, social or economic hardship, or some other form of familial disruption. The organization is located in Westminster, Vermont and has been providing charitable services for over a century. It is the oldest childcare organization in the northeast United States to be continuously supported by charity. Currently, the organization helps around a hundred children who have found themselves in difficult circumstances. 

Previous Allegations of Sexual Abuse at Kurn Hattin       

This is not the first time that Kurn Hattin Homes has had to deal with controversy. There has been another major controversy surrounding the organization in the past regarding similar allegations of sexual abuse. In this case, the abuse occurred in the 1980s and was exposed leading to the arrest and conviction of Mark W. Davis who pleaded no contest in 1990 to charges of lewd and lascivious behavior with students at the school. Davis worked as a houseparent for Kurn Hattin and sexually abused 17 students in the organization's care. It is also worth noting that Davis was a scout leader and regularly in the presence of children as part of his activities with boy scouts, an organization fraught with its own overwhelming controversy that led it to declare bankruptcy earlier in 2020. 

Kun Hattin and the Sexual Abuse Allegations

Despite the fact that Kurn Hattin has decided to go forth with a thorough investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse of students in the past, there are still many consequences that face the organization today. Some of the allegations against the organization claim that there was an awareness of the sexual abuse of students among many of the faculty yet no action was taken. The allegations claim that instead of directly addressing these appalling crimes, there was an effort made to instead cover up any wrongdoing. 

At the moment, these allegations are under investigation. Kurn Hattin is potentially facing severe legal action and based on their history of sexual abuse, a lawsuit against them could prove to be fairly effective depending on the success of the investigation. Kurn Hattin is not only liable because of the failure to provide a safe environment for children free from sexual predators that should have been properly vetted and overseen to prevent such abuse but they also face significant consequences because of their alleged covering up of the sexual abuse that occurred. Several of the people that have come forward with allegations against Kurn Hattin over past sexual abuse have decided to take legal action over the alleged abuse and coverup. 

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits Against Neglectful Organizations

Kurn Hattin is only one of many institutions that have been facing renewed scrutiny and legal action from individuals that have suffered sexual abuse from people in leadership positions before. In terms of the covering up of the abuse, the case of Kurn Hattin shares many similarities with the Catholic Church that has had repeatedly covered up the sexual abuse of children by members of the clergy and has since faced continued consequences in the form of extensive lawsuits from hundreds of individuals abused in the past. 

Holding Sexual Abuse Enabling Organizations Accountable

Filing a lawsuit over sexual abuse suffered at the hands of members of an organization whether it be Kurn Hattin, The Boyscouts of America, or the Catholic Church can be a long difficult task that takes resources, skill, and time. These lawsuits are often unique in that for many, the motivations for filing these lawsuits are less about seeking financial compensation but more about holding those whose negligence to allow such actions to occur responsible as well as making sure that the terrible things that occurred are acknowledged. Making sure that this kind of neglect that causes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual damage to children never happens again is a significant part of a civil lawsuit against an organization like the aforementioned. 

Many of these lawsuits involve sexual abuse that has occurred years and even decades into the past. The amount of time that passes between sexual abuse and the legal action against an organization like Kurn Hattin does not diminish the validity of a lawsuit. The statute of limitations is the amount of time that someone has to file a lawsuit over something. The statute of limitations for a civil lawsuit over sexual abuse does vary by state but in most, there is no time limit for minors. 

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