Hair Straightener Lawsuit Defendants

January 24, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Hair Straightener Lawsuit Defendants

Hair straightener lawsuits have been filed with manufacturers of hair straightening products due to recent scientific research indicating consistent use of these products can cause uterine cancer. Some defendants named in hair straightening lawsuits include L’Oreal, Strength of Nature, and Namaste Laboratory. 

As of right now, there are about twenty-five pending hair straightener lawsuits with victims seeking compensation for damages associated with hair straightener uterine cancer. There has been a motion filed to consolidate hair straightener lawsuits into a multidistrict litigation (MDL), promoting consistent discovery and increasing the chances of plaintiffs receiving a global settlement. Current estimates believe over 100,000 lawsuits could be filed, making this one of the largest class action lawsuits in United States history.

Consistent Hair Straightening Product Use Can Cause Uterine Cancer

The recent surge in hair straightener lawsuits has to do with research that draws a connection between consistent hair straightener usage and uterine cancer. A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that women who used hair straightening products at least four times a year were twice as likely to be diagnosed with uterine cancer. It is a form of cancer that affects the uterus and can lead to abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, and thin white or clear vaginal discharge.

Hair straighteners have high levels of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which can seep into the body through scalp absorption. EDCs can interfere with the endocrine system, cause hormone imbalance, and expose people to cancer risk.

When Were the First Hair Straighter Lawsuits Filed?

Women affected by uterine cancer due to consistent hair straightener use filed product liability lawsuits to hold manufacturers accountable for failing to warn of the harmful effects of their products. The first hair straightener lawsuits were filed in October 2022 after the release of scientific studies connecting hair straightener use to uterine cancer. These lawsuits were filed in many districts across the United States, including in California, New York, Illinois, Georgia, and Ohio.

Between October and November of 2022, eleven hair straightener lawsuits were filed in the United States, alleging products from manufacturers like L’Oreal caused uterine cancer and uterine fibroids. Some of the products alleged to cause harmful medical conditions in these initial hair straightener lawsuits included Just for Me, Optimum, and Dark & Lovely. 

What Hair Straightening Products Have Caused Uterine Cancer?

Hair straightening products that contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals and phthalates have been mentioned in hair straightening lawsuits for causing uterine cancer. Phthalates, otherwise known as plasticizers, are chemicals that can make plastics last a longer amount of time. These are a type of EDC that can affect hormone levels and cause uterine cancer.

The following are some of the hair straightening brands and products that plaintiffs have alleged cause uterine cancer:

  • Dark & Lovely
  • Soft & Beautiful
  • Optimum
  • Just for Me
  • ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer
  • Motions
  • SoftSheen
  • African Pride

The manufacturers of each of these types of hair-straightening products have been named in hair straightener lawsuits. Keep in mind that the process of pursuing compensation for hair straightener damages is nascent. More products could cause uterine cancer that have not been named in a hair straightener lawsuit yet.

Hair Straightener Lawsuits Naming L’Oreal as the Defendant

L’Oreal is a beauty and hair product manufacturer worth nearly $200 billion. As of right now, they are the most notable company named as a defendant in hair straightener lawsuits. They are the parent company of SoftSheen-Carson, Inc., which makes Optimum and Dark & Lovely hair products. Many of the first hair straightener lawsuits in October and November of 2022 named L’Oreal as the defendant for manufacturing hair-straightening products with chemicals that can cause uterine cancer.

On December 8th, 2022, a hair straightener lawsuit filed in the Southern District of Georgia named L’Oreal as a defendant after the plaintiff suffered repeated instances of uterine fibroids. As the most notable hair straightener manufacturer named in these lawsuits, L’Oreal has opposed consolidation as they have the most to lose monetarily if the plaintiffs win the case.

Which Other Companies Have Been Named as Defendants in Hair Straightener Lawsuits?

While L’Oreal is the most notable manufacturer named in hair straightening lawsuits, they are far from the only one. Smaller hair product manufacturers Strength of Nature, LLC and Namaste Laboratories, LLC have been named in multiple hair straightener lawsuits. Strength of Nature, LLC is a subsidiary of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., and they manufacture Just for Me and Motions. Namaste Laboratories, LLC is a subsidiary of Dabur Ltd., and they are the manufacturer of the ORS line of hair straightener products.

Other major hair care product manufacturers closer to L’Oreal in size have yet to be named in a hair straightener lawsuit. The two biggest manufacturers that have yet to be brought into litigation are Unilever and Proctor & Gamble. As more hair straightener lawsuits get filed, more manufacturers are likely to be named as defendants, including these large corporations. 

Will There Be a Hair Straightener Lawsuit MDL?

On November 15th, 2022, lawyers representing thirteen plaintiffs across nine hair straightener lawsuits filed a motion with the Judicial Panel on Muti-District Litigation (JPML) to consolidate the cases into a class action lawsuit. They requested that the class action be heard before Judge Mary Rowland in the Northern District of Illinois. 

L’Oreal and the smaller hair product manufacturers named as defendants opposed the motion to consolidate all hair straightener lawsuits. They stated that the hair straightener lawsuits do not involve similar allegations or questions of fact. L’Oreal has argued that if consolidation were to happen, the case should be in the Southern District of New York, which is where L’Oreal’s headquarters are located. The JPML will hear oral arguments on January 26th, 2023, and decide whether all hair straightener lawsuits will be consolidated.

How Many Hair Straightener Uterine Cancer Lawsuits Have Been Filed?

The number of hair straightener lawsuits will continue to grow as more women suffer uterine cancer consequences from hair straightener use. Right now, there are about 25 cases filed across multiple districts in the United States. Early projections from industry experts suggest this could escalate to being one of the largest class action lawsuits in the history of the United States, with over 100,000 potential cases.

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Hair Straightener Lawsuit

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with uterine cancer after a history of long-term chemical hair straightener use then consider contacting Dolman Law Group about your potential hair straightener lawsuit. Dolman Law Group is a personal injury law firm that specializes in providing award-winning legal representation to people harmed by defective products.

The makers of chemical hair straighteners had an obligation to inform consumers of the potential risk of cancer use of their product came with. The failure to provide adequate warnings has made them liable and provided the opportunity for chemical hair straightener consumers with uterine cancer to seek compensation for damages. 

Consider contacting Dolman Law Group about setting up a free consultation to discuss your hair straightener lawsuit. Our hair straightener lawyers have a long record of successful litigation against the makers of many defective products and can bring skills to the table that can put your case on the path to success. 


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