Head-on Dump Truck Accident in Parrish, Florida Causes 3 Fatalities

May 18, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Head-on Dump Truck Accident in Parrish, Florida Causes 3 Fatalities

3 people lost their lives in a fatal accident involving a dump truck and an SUV in Parrish, Florida northeast of Ellenton and Bradenton on May 15, 2023. The accident involved both vehicles crashing in a head-on collision as both vehicles traveled in opposite directions on County Road 675 and Jim Davis Road.

It is very common to see car accidents occur across Florida every single day but those involving large specialty vehicles like dump trucks are a particularly deadly occurrence. Truck accidents have a propensity to cause extensive damages to vehicles and people involved which is why the proprietors of these trucks should take particular care to operate them safely. 

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The Parrish Dump Truck Accident

The dump truck accident occurred around noon in Parrish, Florida in the northeast corner of manatee county on County Road 675. The Florida Highway Patrol states that the 59-year-old driver of the dump truck was driving west on CR 675 and entered a curve on the road at about the same time as the SUV that was traveling eastbound in the opposite lane. The dump truck driver drifted onto the North shoulder of the road when they took the turn improperly and reacted by overcorrecting their turn too far to the left and crossing into the road in front of the SUV. 

Despite efforts on the part of the SUV driver to avoid a collision, both vehicles crashed head-on causing the deaths of the SUV 71-year-old male driver and the vehicle's 71 and 80-year-old female passengers. The 59-year-old dump truck driver survived with minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. 

Dump Truck Accidents in Florida

Many deadly truck accidents occur every year where semi-trucks lose control and collide with other vehicles. Trucks like tractor-trailers get a great deal of attention but dump trucks also deserve scrutiny regarding the threat they can pose to drivers as well. Large vehicles like dump trucks are not only dangerous because they are so large but also because they are so heavy. 

The average dump truck can weigh between 13-15 tons when completely empty. Fully loaded they can end up weighing as much as 36 tons. That is almost as much as the 40-ton fully loaded weight of a semi-truck hauling a full trailer. The difference is a dump truck does not spread that weight out across a truck and long trailer but is much more compact. 

Dump Truck Weight Means More Difficulty Maintaining Control of the Vehicle

This is definitely dangerous because it increases the amount of force generated in a collision with another vehicle. However, many do not consider the danger this poses due to its effect on a driver’s ability to control the vehicle. With increased weight, a driver has to pay much more attention to how they handle the vehicle in terms of turning and braking. 

More weight means more inertia that the brakes will have to struggle against and more force that will carry through a turn and risk jackknifing. So drivers have to leave more space to brake and cautiously turn to avoid overcorrecting such as the dump truck driver in the Parrish accident.

Dump Truck Accident Lawsuits

The dump truck accident that occurred in Parrish, Florida is still under investigation but there are a number of factors that could potentially make certain parties liable in a dump truck lawsuit. These truck accident lawsuits do not only get filed in cases where someone is injured and survives with severe damages but also can be filed in cases of wrongful death by the surviving members of the family. 

The object of these lawsuits is to recover compensation for damages such as medical expenses suffered by truck accident victims from a party whose negligence helped to cause the truck accident. This negligence is a failure on the part of a liable party such as the company that owns the truck to take appropriate action to address known conditions that created a serious risk of an accident occurring. This negligence can take the form of:

Negligence on the part of the dump truck driver can take the form of:

  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to safety check the dump truck before operation
  • Reckless driving behavior via traffic infractions like speeding or texting while driving

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Contact Dolman Law Group About Your Truck Accident Case

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