CTA Yellow Line Train Crash Injures Passengers and Personnel in Chicago

November 17, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
CTA Yellow Line Train Crash Injures Passengers and Personnel in Chicago

At 10:35 a.m. the morning of November 16th, 2023, the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Yellow Line was traveling southbound when it collided with a bright orange snowplow. The two-car locomotive was carrying 31 passengers ranging from 2 to 75 years of age. 

CTA Yellow Line Train Crash Injures Passengers and Personnel in Chicago

15 passengers and personnel declined hospitalization, while the remainder were triaged and treated at the scene or driven to local facilities. Several CTA employees aboard the Yellow Line and the CTA snowplow sustained severe injuries, including the conductor. The Chicago Fire Department does not anticipate any casualties, despite three individuals who were critically injured. 

Hours after the collision, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) launched an investigation, with which the CTA president intends to cooperate. In addition, a 52-year-old passenger filed a lawsuit against the transportation company, alleging negligence. 

Skokie Swift Collides with Diesel-Powered Snowplow

The Chicago Skokie Swift line was traveling at seemingly normal speeds down its scheduled route when it failed to take notice of a slowly moving diesel-powered snowplow directly ahead. Authorities have suggested that the snow removal equipment was also scheduled for training purposes. 

In audio acquired by 5Chicago, the CTA’s control tower informed conductors and train operators of the presence of the snowplow roughly an hour and a half before the collision occurred. Minutes before the devastating accident, it appears to communicate directly with the Yellow Line locomotive, imploring it to “stop your train”. 

The collision was so loud as to attract the attention of bystanders and passengers on nearby trains. After the collision had occurred, dozens of ambulances raced to the scene and paramedics quickly worked with the Chicago Fire Department to carry passengers up a steep embankment for triage. 

Yellow Line Train Crash Lawsuit Filed Hours After Incident

In the midst of medical treatment and investigations, a 52-year-old passenger on the Yellow Line filed suit against the Chicago Transit Authority. He alleges that the CTA’s negligence directly contributed to or caused the painful injuries to his shoulders and leg. 

DePaul University professor of transportation, Joe Schwieterman, expressed his concern over the provenance of the Yellow Line train crash. Referencing the ease with which the two-car train could have stopped upon noticing the bright orange snowplow, Schwieterman stated that “[s]omething happened here – the train unable to stop or missing the cue of the need to stop”. 

Maria Hadden, the alderwoman to the 49th Ward, implied that the conductor of the train might have had a serious medical emergency in the minutes leading up to the accident. However, authorities and officials have refrained from speculation, and continually defer to the ongoing NTSB investigation. 

In response to the filing of the Yellow Line train crash lawsuit, CTA declined to comment, stating that it “has not yet seen the filing. Further, we are unable to comment on pending litigation”. 

CTA President Guarantees Cooperation with Federal Investigation

President of the Chicago Transit Authority, Dorval R. Carter, Jr., said that the CTA intends to cooperate “fully” with the NTSB investigation. The inquiry marks the latest in a long string of accidents, collisions, and derailments which have bedviled the CTA over the course of the past decade. 

Since 2016 alone, CTA locomotives have experienced 10 accidents, including the most recent Yellow Line crash. By far, the most devastating involved the Blue Line collision with a security barrier at the end of the train tracks at O’Hare International Airport, in 2014. The accident resulted in extensive litigation, millions in damages, and considerable changes to the CTA’s operations. 

Common Injuries and Damages in Train Crashes and Collisions

Passengers on the Yellow Line reported being hurled into metal poles and cut by shards of shattered glass and plexiglass. Assistant Deputy Chief Paramedic of the Chicago Fire Department, Keith Gray, informed reporters that many of the passengers had suffered from “head injuries, bumps, [and] bruises”. 

Train collisions and derailments account for the most severe accidents, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. They have the potential to result in a variety of life-changing and life-threatening injuries which can require years of medical treatment and result in considerable expenditures. 

Although each train crash is unique, common injuries in train collisions include: 

Fortunately, these injuries may be compensable in a court of law in the form of economic and noneconomic damages addressing:

If you or someone you know sustained serious injuries from the Yellow Line train crash, consider contacting us about seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit today. 

Why Choose Dolman Law Group for Your Chicago Train Crash Lawsuit

The CTA owed its passengers and personnel a duty of care as a common carrier. However, the recent Yellow Line train collision indicates potential negligence that directly contributed to or caused a litany of injuries. 

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