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Archive: Accidents

Will You Have to Take the Witness Stand in a Car Accident Case?

Car Accident Lawyers in Florida

The question of whether you will have to take the stand as a witness in a car accident case depends on whether your car accident case makes it to trial. In the vast majority of cases, car accidents are handled…


How Do I Prove Negligence In a Florida Slip and Fall?

Slip and Fall Personal Injuries

Proving Negligence after a Slip and Fall According to the National Safety Council, an estimated 9 million individuals in the United States go to the emergency room every year due to various injuries they suffered from slip and fall accidents. Almost…


When Kids Cause a Distracted Driving Accident

Distracted Driving Attorneys in Clearwater

There are many types of distracted driving that can lead to motor vehicle accidents and crashes. Distracted driving can involve cellphone use while driving, use of GPS units or other electronic devices while driving, or distractions from within the vehicle,…


When Is a Resort Responsible for Your Injuries

Premise Liability Lawyers in Florida

With countless miles of beautiful beaches, resorts, theme parks, and other tourist attractions, Florida has a great deal to offer the adventurous traveler – especially during the winter months, when cold weather sets in across much of the country. However,…


Who Are The Attorneys Recommended By 411-PAIN?

The choice of an attorney is a highly personal decision that can have many implications. You will be sharing personal information with your attorney and will be trusting them to do the best they possibly can to achieve the most…


How Does Impatience on the Road Cause Serious Injuries in Florida?

Aggressive Driving Accident Lawyer in Clearwater

You’ve likely heard the saying “patience is a virtue,” and that is never truer than when you are operating a motor vehicle. Especially during rush-hour traffic, drivers may take risks they wouldn’t take if they were not in a “rush”…


Who Is Responsible for My Rear-End Collision?

Rear-End Collision in Florida According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all traffic accidents are rear-end collisions. That means that 1 in every 3 car crashes happens in this way. This statistic shows just how…


Stay Safe on Your Motorcycle Road Trip!

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Florida

Summer is a prime time for the great American tradition of road trips. If you’ve seen movies such as “Easy Rider,” “The Motorcycle Diaries,” or “Wild Hogs,” you might be inspired to make such a trip by motorcycle. Have fun…


How to Hold a Texting Driver Liable for a Crash

Distracted Driving Lawyers in Florida

Since the relatively recent invention of cellular phones, navigation systems, and other portable electronic devices, automobile accidents resulting from distracted driving have been steadily increasing. Florida, unfortunately, is no exception, according to recent statistics provided by the Florida Department of…


How Long Will Your Car Accident Injury Case Take?

Car Accident Lawyers in Florida

A car accident can be extremely traumatizing. Not only is there the initial shock and dismay of the accident, but there can be lasting pain, physical repercussions, emotional trauma, and financial burdens as well. Furthermore, litigation often results from car…