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Archive: Accidents

How Serious Does an Injury have to Be for You to File a Personal Injury Claim in Florida?

Personal Injury Lawyers in Clearwater

As personal injury litigation is among the most common civil litigation seen in Florida courts each year, Florida, along with many states, has had to find a way to deal with this dilemma. Most personal injury cases settle before they…


When Can You Seek Legal Recovery for PTSD?

PTSD Lawyers in Clearwater

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, isn’t a term you normally associate with car accidents or personal injuries. In our minds, PTSD is something our service members coming back from overseas suffer, and it often takes time to diagnose and recognize…


Hire an Attorney or Face the Insurance Company Alone: Common Questions with the Right Answers

Attorney Matt Dolman Answers the Most Common Questions Regarding Hiring an Attorney versus Facing the Insurance Company On Your Own. Many individuals struggle with the idea of whether or not to hire an attorney after they’ve been injured. Some feel that there…


Road Defects Can Cause Serious Injuries to Bicyclists

Bicycle Accident Lawyer in Florida

Cyclists face a variety of dangers on the road–the most severe of them being strikes by automobiles. Because bicycles offer much less protection than passenger automobiles, riders are particularly prone to injury and even death from collisions with vehicles. This…


Liability in a Crash Involving a Driverless Car

Car Accident Lawyers in Clearwater, FL

On March 24 of this year, the ride-sharing company Uber pulled its fleet1 of self-driving vehicles off the roads in Arizona after one of its vehicles was involved in an accident in Tempe. This follows similar suspensions of service in…


Lane Splitting in Florida-Is it legal?

Lane Splitting in Florida As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Florida, I have grown accustomed to the act of lane splitting. When a motorcycle operator drives between two lanes of stopped or slower moving cars in Florida, they are breaking…


Proposed PIP-Canceling Legislation Will Raise Rates for Low-income Families

Those who can currently only afford the least amount of car insurance coverage will see the biggest hikes. By now, most people in relevant industries have heard about the proposed legislation to end Florida PIP, but most everyday citizens have…


How the Police Can Help After a Crash

04.04.2017 by | Accidents

Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Florida

One of the first things you or someone else should do after being involved in a motor vehicle accident – even a minor accident – is to call 9-1-1 as soon as possible. By calling 9-1-1, the police and paramedics…


Pedestrian Accidents in Florida Result in Traumatic Injuries

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Florida

Car accidents can be frightening, and the sounds of a crash can haunt you for months to come. The crunch of metal, the ping of impact, and the shattering of glass will be ingrained in your memory, but it is…


What Exactly Is The Cell Phone Policy In Florida?

Is texting illegal in Florida? Moving from a very strict cell phone policy in one state to a lenient one can be very confusing. In the northeast such as New York or New Jersey, a driver can be pulled over…