Are Billboards Distracting Drivers?

November 7, 2014 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Are Billboards Distracting Drivers? No matter where you look, someone, somewhere, is trying to sell you something. Why would our roadways be any different? If there is money to be made, somebody is going to find a way to make it. With so many sets of eyes passing by, it's no question why companies are taking advantage of the opportunity. In 2014, advertising is important for every party involved in a trade. Consumers need to discover products, and producers need to discover consumers. It's fair-game when we're living in a nation that revolves around having the “coolest stuff around”. Companies harass consumers with repetitive commercials, invasive advertisements, and unwarranted phone calls; consumers harass companies by changing the channel, installing internet ad blocking programs, and ignoring unknown numbers. You've got to wonder sometimes though—when does this money-fueled battle end? When has it gone too far? When is it actually damaging the good health of the consumers? Big Message, Little Space You can only fit so much perceivable information on a flat sign…how can they say everything they need to say as quickly as possible? When small posters simply weren't to inform the masses, the posters got bigger. When even bigger wasn't enough, they became huge. When the billboard companies selling the advertisement space weren't making enough income from one sponsor, they elected had to come up with a solution! Why would they have one advertisement on a billboard when they can squeeze in two, three, maybe even four right along with the first? *signal the creation of digital billboards* Poppy, flashy, bright, moving, attractive, straight-to-the-point, and memorable; there are all characteristics of a good billboard—and also an extremely distracting one. I can honestly say that if a billboard in my neighborhood was altered overnight, I would notice the difference the next time I passed by. So…Are They Distracting? Ah, yes, the main question of this article…are they actually distracting? Well, you tell me! Do you find yourself gazing at billboards longer than you should? If you've ever fully viewed a billboard while you were driving, chances are you took your eyes off of the road long enough for an accident to occur. If you're asking for my opinion; yes, I believe billboards are distracting. Are they currently a problem that needs to be dealt with? No, not at all! I can safely assume that cell phones have caused more deaths this year alone than billboards ever have. Billboards are just temporary distractions that take your eyes off of the road for what could be a dangerous amount of time; cell phones seem to spend a whole lot of time in the hands of drivers. That's got to be more dangerous. The only thing about billboards that concerns me is what they might grow to become. Times Square in New York is known for its wild advertising, distracting displays, and vivid lights. New York is also a booming business state and there's plenty of money to go around for the funding of said attractions. The technology and techniques used by advertisers in Times Square 20 years ago is slowly becoming the norm in other locations with average budgets, so should we expect giant TV screens on Florida roadsides in 20 years?  Probably not, but I've seen some pretty over-the-top billboards in Clearwater that looked to have cost quite a bit. CONTACT OUR CLEARWATER & TAMPA BAY AREA PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS Whether we're talking about distracted billboards, cell phone usage, the application of makeup, or the consumption of food, distracted driving will lead to an accident. Have you been injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of another? Has a loved one suffered physical, mental, monetary, or emotional losses due to the lack of care displayed by another party? Whatever your situation is, you may be eligible for compensation. Don't settle for what the greedy insurance companies are telling you. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney from Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA today. Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA 800 North Belcher Road Clearwater, FL 33756 727-451-6900


Matthew Dolman

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This article was written and reviewed by Matthew Dolman. Matt has been a practicing civil trial, personal injury, products liability, and mass tort lawyer since 2004. He has successfully fought for more than 11,000 injured clients and acted as lead counsel in more than 1,000 lawsuits. Always on the cutting edge of personal injury law, Matt is actively engaged in complex legal matters, including Suboxone, AFFF, and Ozempic lawsuits.  Matt is a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum for resolving individual cases in excess of $1 million and $2 million, respectively. He has also been selected by his colleagues as a Florida Superlawyer and as a member of Florida’s Legal Elite on multiple occasions. Further, Matt has been quoted in the media numerous times and is a sought-after speaker on a variety of legal issues and topics.

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