Who Is the Best Car Accident Attorney Near Me?

January 27, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Who Is the Best Car Accident Attorney Near Me?

After a car crash, you may find yourself looking for the most successful car accident lawyer to handle your case. The best personal injury lawyer for you will have the tools necessary to take your case as far as it needs to go. They may help you reach a fair car accident settlement directly with the insurance company. But if a settlement isn't possible, they must be prepared to file a lawsuit and bring your case to court to protect your legal rights.

When you are wondering, "how do I find the perfect car accident attorney for me?" the answer will depend on your specific needs. Let's look at some key criteria to help you determine the best-suited personal injury lawyers to represent you.

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The Basics of Selecting The Best Auto Accident Lawyer

Consider these vital elements when looking for a personal injury attorney to help with your car accident claims.


Look for a car crash attorney with a convenient location that fits your needs. Of course, you may not have to visit the law firm for every meeting with your attorney, and many offices offer virtual consultations. However, you may need to run important paperwork to your car accident lawyers, provide them with essential evidence about your case, or visit in person to prepare for upcoming court procedures. Furthermore, you should always choose a lawyer who is licensed to practice law in the area where you need to file your car accident claim or lawsuit.

You want to work with a personal injury lawyer who focuses on car accident claims like yours. A lawyer practicing family law or criminal defense might handle an auto accident claim from time to time, but they do not focus their practice on car accidents. On the other hand, car accident lawyers generally handle nothing but personal injury claims, which means these attorneys know how to support you at every step of the claim process.


When you find yourself fighting a big insurance company, like State Farm, Progressive, or Geico, you need an attorney with the bandwidth and resources to support you in that fight. Look for a law firm with extensive experience and resources. When you reach out to the firm, ask if the firm currently can take on your case.


When considering the best auto accident attorney to hire for your needs, you may want to look at how much the lawyer expects in compensation for their legal services and how they will be paid.

Ask questions like:

  • Will the lawyer start with a free case evaluation? A free consultation can help you learn a lot about the law firm and obtain some basic legal advice regarding your auto accident claim.
  • How does the lawyer charge clients for car accident representation? Most auto accident lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not have to pay until the end of your claim. The firm will base compensation on a percentage of the damages you recover from the insurance company or a trial verdict.
  • Do you have to pay the lawyer more if you cannot reach a fair settlement to resolve your claim?
  • What does the law firm include as part of its fee package? Are there circumstances under which you will have to pay additional fees?

Before you start working with a car accident lawyer, you must understand the fee structure, what you can expect to pay, and how it may impact your finances after a claim. Do not work with a law firm that does not provide pricing transparency. If you cannot figure out how much legal representation will cost, you may need to look for another lawyer.


Look at the firm's awards and whether the firm has received any accolades in the community. Your area's most respected auto accident attorney will often receive recommendations from local people and businesses. Awards can also tell you more about the firm's focus areas and legal abilities.


When you're looking for a car accident attorney near you, consider the law firm's involvement in your local community and also in the greater legal community. Does the firm have published articles? Does the firm contribute in some way to the local legal community, such as working with people in the local law school? Does the firm contribute to the local community through charitable donations of time or money or in some other way?

Often, the best car accident lawyer goes above and beyond to support people in the local area. Look for recognition from community members, including businesses, to truly understand the law firm's priorities, ethical standards, and overall commitment to helping those in need.

How Do I Find the Best Car Accident Attorney Near Me?

Once you have determined that the law firm has the right location, practice area, and bandwidth to help with your claim, you may need to ask the following questions to determine whether you found the best auto accident attorney for your needs. Keep in mind that each accident victim has their own story and personal needs. You may have unique requirements both in your case and in your need for an attorney.

1. What are the law firm's past auto accident case results?

If you're looking for the most successful auto accident attorney, take a comprehensive look at the firm's past case results. While other case results do not guarantee the results in your specific case, they give you a better look at what type of claims the lawyer usually takes and how aggressively the firm will pursue your case. If the firm does not mention high-value claim results, the firm may not have the capacity or experience to handle your auto accident claim thoroughly and effectively.

2. Has the firm handled cases similar to yours in the past?

As you browse case results from past auto accident claims, you may also want to consider what types of claims the car accident attorney may have previously resolved. Experienced car crash attorneys should have previously handled claims and issues similar to yours.

For example, if you suffered a brain injury or another permanent injury in your accident, you want to work with an attorney with brain injury claim experience who understands the trauma these injuries can cause in your life.

If you lost a loved one in a tragic accident, be sure to choose a personal injury lawyer who has experience successfully handling wrongful death cases and dealing with the unique issues that arise from wrongful death claims.

The best accident lawyers will also know how to prove another driver was at fault or caused your crash. If you were involved in a drunk driving accident or an accident involving a distracted driver, be sure your lawyer knows how to gather evidence to prove the other driver's responsibility. You will find that the strongest car crash attorney for your needs has worked with similar cases in the past.

3. How much compensation does the auto accident lawyer believe is possible for your car crash injuries?

A car crash can leave you with serious injuries, from broken bones to spinal cord injuries. Those injuries may require you to seek ongoing medical treatment and incur extensive medical bills.

While medical treatment can help protect you physically, including increasing the odds that you will recover fully from the injuries you sustained in the auto accident, it may also leave you with hefty medical expenses. Severe car crash injuries can also cause you to miss time at work, interfering with your income when your bills may grow higher than ever.

When you sit down for your initial consultation with a car crash attorney, ask how much compensation the attorney feels you might receive as full compensation for your injuries. An honest accident attorney may not necessarily give you the highest number. Be wary, especially if one attorney quotes you a number much higher than others.

Instead, a good auto accident attorney will offer an evidence-based assessment of the compensation you can likely expect after looking at your financial losses and the injuries you sustained. An experienced lawyer will suggest a good settlement amount depending on the insurance companies involved, including your own insurance company. Also, a more seasoned lawyer will know what to expect from the insurance adjusters who represent the other party because they have dealt with them in the past.

4. Does the lawyer offer the level of personal support you need?

When choosing an auto accident lawyer, you need someone who provides the personal care you need to handle your claim. Some lawyers may aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve but may not offer you any other support throughout your case.

Others may offer a high level of support but manage your claim less aggressively. Take a look at law firm client reviews and consider the attorney's website to get a better feel for whether you will receive the support you need.

5. How many of the firm's auto accident cases go to court, and what does the attorney feel your trial odds will be?

In most cases, auto insurance companies will settle out of court if possible. Going to trial may significantly increase the insurance company's legal costs, and in the end, it may not end up costing the company any less than settling with you before trial. In fact, in most cases, going to court increases the insurance company's costs.

Many lawyers also prefer to settle out of court when possible. As the victim of an auto accident, you may prefer to settle out of court since you may ultimately end up with more compensation and receive much-needed funds sooner. On the other hand, if you have a reason to take your case to court, such as a very reckless driver, you may find that going to trial makes more sense for your particular needs. Talk to your attorney about the likelihood of taking your case to court and what it may mean for you.

6. How does the auto accident attorney prefer to communicate with clients?

Communication is essential as you navigate your auto accident claim. You need to know how your case progresses, what to expect, and what might happen next, especially if you face considerable challenges seeking compensation. Some law firms communicate more smoothly with clients than others.

Ask your lawyer:

  • How they prefer to communicate with clients. Email? Text? Phone? A good car crash lawyer for you will prefer to communicate the same way you do.
  • How often will the law firm communicate with you? How quickly will they respond to your inquiries?
  • Will you receive updates even if nothing changes with your case? Check-ins? Will they help with other elements of your recovery, like your medical bills? Knowing upfront what to expect can make the process easier.

7. Who will actually handle your case?

Firefighting Foam Cancer Attorney, Matt Dolman
Auto Accident Attorney, Matt Dolman

When you meet for your free consultation, talk to your lawyer about who at the firm will handle your case. You may feel a great rapport with the lawyer you speak to as part of your initial consultation, but if that lawyer does not ultimately handle your case, it could leave you working with someone who does not offer the support you expected. Make sure you know who will handle each element of your claim and who you will work with most.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney After Your Car Crash

Finding an auto accident attorney is critical when you suffer any injury in a car crash. Often, victims have more difficulty getting compensation for injuries than they do getting compensation for vehicle damage, which can prove incredibly frustrating. 

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