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Major Palm Beach Law Firm Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Splinters

Discovered Surveillance Devices Break Up Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Firm

Major law firms handle thousands of cases every year and handle a lot of profitable business but with that can come a degree of risk when certain parties use unethical and illegal methods to get ahead. The major law firm of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene has experienced some controversy as of late when surveillance devices discovered in the ceiling of the firm’s building eventually lead to the firing of two lawyers and the exodus of the eponymous firm partner, Gary Iscoe.

Surveillance Equipment Found at Steinger, Iscoe, and Greene Prompts Controversy

The controversy all began when the firm’s finance director found pieces of ceiling and drywall on the floor of their office on September 10th. Further investigation of the ceiling space revealed wires linked to an audio receiver that could have recorded sounds coming from that office. Police investigation revealed further audio receiving devices and microphones throughout the law offices, finance, marketing, and human resources departments.

Authorized cameras in the building recorded on September 9th, two men installing the recording devices in the ceiling. One of the men could not be identified but the other was discovered to be a Michael Coronel that worked as an investigator for the firm. Michael Coronel worked exclusively under a lawyer at the firm by the name of Lee Levenson who advised that he seek a lawyer and not cooperate with the police’s inquiries. Due to this action, Lee Levenson would later be fired from the firm by its head, Michael Steinger.

Lawyers Fired in Relation to Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Firm Surveillance Device Discovery

Another attorney by the name of Robert Gonzalez would also end up being fired from the firm for undetermined reasons that both parties remain tight-lipped about. Despite this, Gonzalez and Levenson are both suing their old firm Steinger, Iscoe & Greene. The lawsuit claims that Levenson and Gonzalez over were fired due to open hostility towards the law firm’s alleged unethical practices.

The firm partner, also Greg Iscoe left after receiving a confidential amount of money in an agreement with Steinger. It is undetermined as to whether Iscoe’s departure is related to the discovery of the surveillance device but the correlation between the two events does beg several questions.  

Levenson and Gonzalez Lawsuit against Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Firm

Gonzalez and Levenson both claim that the firm instated a “no surgery, no case” policy where no case was taken unless it involved an injury that required surgery. The reason for this is because lawyers work on a contingency fee basis where they take a percentage out of the amount rewarded to a plaintiff which is usually around 33.3%. The more significant the injury, the more money awarded in a case which means more money for a lawyer. They also claim that the firm enacted quotas of $250,000 of expected earnings per lawyer for the firm. One of the most concerning claims of Gonzalez and Levenson is that the firm had paralegals and other nonlawyers do work that is meant for licensed attorneys and that they would pay “runners” to help bring in clients for the firm.

Ethics and Law Practices

From time to time, there are law firms that are caught doing things that violate the rules of ethics that law firms are expected to abide by. The promise of greater profit will prove too enticing and people will try to get away with things that take advantage of client trust in law firms. The claims levied against Steinger, Iscoe, and Greene represent some serious ethics violations. The use of runners to seek clients for law firms is very unethical and can sometimes be just a part of an even larger issue like kickback schemes or fraud. Having paralegals do work meant for licensed lawyers and setting criteria on a case because an injury did not involve surgery is also an unethical practice that is indicative of a firm’s interest in profit over providing a professional service to those seeking justice.

Firms that utilize unethical practices such as these are not common but they do crop up from time to time. Clients can suffer when a firm is unethical in their practice. Sometimes they may be caught and controversy may have an effect on how well a firm handles a case. Lawyers that are caught participating in certain unethical legal practices run the risk of consequences that can eventually lead to the loss of ability to practice law. Clients have every right to seek legal representation elsewhere to ensure their case gets the attention it needs.

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