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November 1, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Georgia is one of the first original 13 American colonies and offers a rich history as well as modern attractions throughout the state. From Atlanta’s thriving arts scene and sports events to Savannah’s historic sites, Georgia draws nearly 170 million visitors each year. 

Whether you live in the state or have come for the incredible Southern cooking or other events, there are many locations in our state that can cause accidents and injuries. If you or a loved one were injured by someone else’s negligent behavior, trust the Georgia personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group to help protect your legal rights. 

Why You Should Work With the Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers at Dolman Law Group

The legal professionals at Dolman Law Group collectively bring over 120 years of expertise to the table when it comes to managing personal injury cases, both in Georgia and across the nation, through collaboration with attorneys licensed in the relevant jurisdictions. 

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Our track record includes successfully recovering more than $400 million for our clients. Whether we achieve our results through pre-suit settlements or litigation arising from personal injury claims, we prepare every claim with solid evidence and hard work. 

  • $5 million for a car accident victim who suffered burn injuries
  • $3.85 million for a truck accident victim who suffered brain injuries
  • $3.2 million for a truck accident victim who suffered a brain injury
  • $1.75 million for an accident victim who suffered a severe shoulder injury
  • $1.58 million for a car accident victim who suffered a spinal cord injury

We are an award-winning law firm that’s unafraid to go to trial when insurance companies present unreasonably low settlement offers. Take a look at some of our exceptional case results to better understand how we might help you. Of course, we cannot guarantee any future results, but you’ll see the types of cases we handle and the outcomes we can achieve.

Our firm's growth is heavily based on word-of-mouth recommendations from previous clients who have benefited from our personal injury settlements. Unlike law firms that advertise heavily on daytime television or billboards, we focus on building strong client relationships through great communication and compassion.

When you partner with the Georgia personal injury attorneys at Dolman Law Group, you will be provided direct contact with the Managing Partner and the attorney responsible for your case, ensuring a personalized and accessible attorney-client relationship. This relationship begins at your initial free case evaluation and consultation.

Dolman Law Group Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Georgia Personal Injury Law Firm Handles a Variety of Accident Situations

The legal team at Dolman Law Group has decades of experience handling many types of accident and personal injury claims, including:

Each of these accident scenarios involves complicated investigations, case preparation, settlement negotiations, and possibly trial preparation, depending on the unique circumstances involved. Let’s dive deeper into everything our personal injury lawyers in Georgia can do for you.

Georgia Car Accidents

At Dolman Law Group, we accept a wide array of claims and legal actions concerning Georgia car accidents. We are prepared to engage in battles with virtually every auto insurance provider imaginable. To prove liability, we often use the expertise of accident reconstructionists and other experts to vividly depict how a collision occurred and the impact it had on our client. 

Our accomplished team of car accident attorneys boasts a track record, including numerous cases reaching into the high six-figure settlements and several surpassing the $1 million threshold.

Commercial Trucking Accidents in Georgia

All too frequently, when it comes to Georgia truck accident claims, many law firms try to handle them just like any ordinary motor vehicle accident cases. However, this approach is short-sighted and can often result in missed opportunities for substantial compensation or insufficient preparation when a case goes to trial.

Our truck accident attorneys understand the importance of Federal trucking laws, which encompass critical aspects like hours of service regulations. These regulations dictate how long a trucker can legally operate a large commercial vehicle during a single continuous shift, the maximum hours they can drive in a week, and the mandatory intervals for breaks. It's crucial to know that accidents involving semi-trucks can be exceptionally complex and financially burdensome, but our team has the skills and resources to succeed.

Our legal team usually works with an expert to preserve the truck's black box and retrieve its invaluable data. Furthermore, we insist on our expert's inspection of the truck before any repairs are made. At Dolman Law Group, we maintain a substantial credit line dedicated to financing the retention of experts and thoroughly preparing even the most intricate cases, ensuring no stone is left unturned when pursuing justice for our clients.

Georgia Motorcycle Crashes

Some law firms portray themselves as Georgia motorcycle accident attorneys by striking a pose on a Harley, but these advertising tactics don’t accurately indicate their experience. Ultimately, what truly counts is the proficiency and skills that the lawyer and their law firm bring to the table when handling motorcycle accidents in Georgia.

Our team of Georgia personal injury attorneys boasts a collective portfolio of over 600 motorcycle accident cases, including those involving wrongful death. We recognize and empathize with the biases that bikers often encounter when dealing with insurance adjusters, and we won’t back down when advocating for our motorcycle accident clients. 

Our primary objective is to investigate the accident scene quickly, scrutinize the condition of your motorcycle, and assess the situation involving other vehicles. We typically engage experts, including accident reconstruction specialists, to help establish liability on the part of the at-fault party. When necessary, we might also work with vocational rehabilitation specialists to explain how the motorcycle accident will impact the injured rider's ability to work at their current job or hold future employment.

Working with these specialists is key when describing the severity of the accident's impact on the victim's life. Recovery from a motorcycle accident is often complex, riddled with various factors and severe injuries. In such challenging times, a Georgia personal injury attorney at Dolman Law Group can be your invaluable guide.

Trips, Slips, and Fall Accidents

These cases are often some of our most complex and challenging claims. Our experienced personal injury lawyers will conduct a complete investigation to determine who may be responsible for your fall injuries. 

Since these claims usually require extensive negotiations or even a lawsuit to resolve, we may bring in a human factors expert to support your limitations as part of our hands-on investigation of the fall location and circumstances.

Common Accident Injuries Our Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

While every collision, crash, fall, or other type of accident involves different details, many injured claimants suffer similar injuries when faced with someone else’s negligent actions. Our team has the knowledge and skill to protect injury victims with many different medical conditions, including:

Back and Neck Injuries

We see these problems after car crashes, motorcycle accidents, semi-truck collisions, slip-and-fall situations, bicycle crashes, and pedestrian accident injury claims. The majority of all negligence claims our firm handles involve spinal injuries, including bulging and herniated discs, broken disc fragments, spinal vertebrae injuries, and severe spinal cord injuries. 

We work with the best spine surgeons as consultants who will also testify in court as needed to support our clients’ claims while serving as their medical advocates. We also understand how spinal injuries can change your life forever, and we strive to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible to meet your future needs. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

The Dolman Law Group team of TBI attorneys has handled a large variety of traumatic brain injury claims, including diffuse axonal injuries (DAI), coup-contrecoup injury, post-concussion syndrome, loss of consciousness, and many others.

We understand how complicated TBI cases can be, and we will bring all of our resources to bear in your brain injury case to ensure your financial needs are met as you face your future medical and personal needs.

Many of our accident victim clients also experience a variety of other accident injuries, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Fractured bones
  • Concussions
  • Burns
  • Internal injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Bruises and abrasions
  • Amputation
  • Emotional and mental distress
  • Pain and suffering

We can help recover compensation for all of these injuries and more as allowed by Georgia law. Reach out for a free consultation to learn more about how much you may receive for the injuries you suffered in your Georgia accident.

What Compensation Can a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Request Following Your Accident? 

It’s important to understand the various forms of compensation you may be able to request after sustaining a personal injury in Georgia. Typically, the most burdensome expenses arise from medical bills as you are shuttling between numerous healthcare providers, each demanding payment while you may be unable to work due to your injuries.

Georgia personal injury lawyer

These expenses might start with an emergency room visit, followed by consultations with specialists catering to specific body regions or health concerns. Later, you may need to consult chiropractors, primary care physicians, or other specialists. You’ll receive bills for their time, resources, imaging, diagnostics, and a multitude of other medical-related costs, which may become overwhelming.

However, the financial burden doesn't end with medical bills. Serious injuries often require substantial time off from work while you recover. When you are cleared to resume work, unforeseen complications or fatigue from your injury might require additional, unplanned time off.

As an injury victim, you may have to allocate more time for follow-up appointments and treatment, further extending your absence from work. These extended periods of leave inevitably translate to additional lost wages, income, and associated benefits.

Georgia accident victims frequently underestimate their total costs, including expenditures for physical therapy, home modifications, specialized vehicle accommodations, and costly surgical procedures. Moreover, injured accident victims must also account for transportation expenses to and from medical appointments, the costs of prescribed medications, and essential medical supplies like bandages and crutches.

At Dolman Law Group, our team of attorneys is equipped to assist you in securing all categories of compensation, which may include:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

The specific forms and amounts of compensation we can recover hinge on many factors, such as the extent of your injuries, who is responsible for your injuries, the scope of insurance coverage, and more. The legal professionals at Dolman Law Group will carefully evaluate your case and determine the full extent of compensation required to cover the expenses associated with your injuries and losses.

How Our Georgia Injury Attorneys Can Help After an Accident

After a serious injury, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. Our legal team is here to guide you through the legal process and help protect your rights along the way. Depending on how your case unfolds, here are some of the ways our skilled injury lawyers can help:

  • Get Medical Help: First, we want to make sure you're okay. If you're hurt, see a doctor right away. This not only helps your health but also creates a record of your injuries. If you need help locating a specialist who will care for you without demanding payment until your case is complete, we can help.
  • Collect Proof of What Happened: We can take pictures of where the accident happened, any damage, and your injuries. Also, we’ll organize all of your medical bills and records to ensure we don’t miss anything.
  • Obtain the Accident Report: If you reported the incident at the scene of a vehicle accident, we can contact the police for a copy of the accident report. For other accidents, we’ll reach out to the property owner or manager if needed.
  • Gather Info: If other people were involved, we will collect their contact and insurance details. We can also help get info from any witnesses who may have seen the event.
  • Work With Your Insurance: We can be a liaison between you and your insurance company to let them know about the accident. If someone else caused it, we will work with their insurance company too.
  • Perform a Thorough Investigation: Our lawyers will look into the accident, gather proof, talk to witnesses, and figure out who's responsible.
  • Prepare a Demand Package: Our lawyers can send a demand letter to the other person's insurance company explaining what happened, how you were hurt, and how much money you deserve.
  • Negotiate for a Fair Settlement: The insurance company will look at your request and consider how much to pay you. The initial offer will likely be too low, so we will need to negotiate with the adjuster on your behalf. Sometimes, this takes a while and involves back-and-forth discussions.
  • Reach a Settlement: If you accept the insurance company’s offer amount, you'll be paid for your injuries. But you will need to sign a release saying you won't sue the person later.
  • Go to Court: If we can't negotiate a fair resolution, we might suggest taking your claim to court. This means we’ll file a legal lawsuit, and a judge or jury will decide what happens.
  • Exchange Evidence: Both sides share information and evidence in court through the discovery process, where we ask questions and receive documents.
  • Attend Mediation: Before a trial, the court might suggest mediation, where a third party helps both sides reach an agreement.
  • Go to Trial: If mediation doesn't work, your case goes to court. Both sides tell their side of the story, and a judge or jury makes the decision.
  • Resolve the Case: If it goes to trial, a decision is made. If you win, the court rules how much money you should get.
  • Consider an Appeal: If there was a mistake in the trial and you did not receive the compensation you deserve, we might ask a higher court to look at it.
  • Receive and Disburse Your Compensation: We will accept your injury settlement or verdict on your behalf, pay any outstanding bills associated with your care, deduct attorney fees, and release the rest to you. We will also prepare the documents needed to finalize your claim.

Remember, this process can take a long time and can be complicated. How long it takes depends on many things, like how bad your injuries are, how the insurance company acts, and which legal steps are required. A Georgia personal injury attorney from Dolman Law Group can help you through the process and work to recover the best outcome for your case.

How Long Do You Have to File a Georgia Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Like every other state, Georgia has a statute of limitations that controls how long an injured person has to file a lawsuit against a liable party. In most cases, you only have two years from the date of the incident that caused your injuries to bring legal action in civil court. 

While two years may seem like a long time, it will pass quickly, and the evidence needed to support your claim may disappear. This is why it’s imperative to consult with a dedicated personal injury lawyer in Georgia as soon as possible. The more time you allow for investigation and claim preparation, the more likely you are to receive a fair result. 

Don’t wait any longer, reach out to the Georgia personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group today for your free consultation. 

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If you were injured in any sort of crash, fall, or other accident caused by someone else, you have rights. Reach out to the compassionate and dedicated personal injury lawyers in the Georgia offices of Dolman Law Group to protect your rights. 

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