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Archive: Automobile Accidents

6 Reasons to Download the Dolman Law Group Crash App


Here are our top reasons you should download Dolman Law Group’s Crash App to protect you and your family in case you are ever in a car accident. If you’re already convinced, click to download here. 1.      It’s Not Just for…


Road Rage Incident Reminds Us All of Dangers

Road Rage in California - Maddison Holland - Dolman Law Group

In Lafayette, California, a city just outside of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, authorities are searching for a hit and run driver who allegedly forced a young woman off the road in an episode of road rage. The incident caused…


Hit and Run: Five Crucial Things to Do Immediately Afterword

Hit and Run Accident Attorneys in Florida

This entry was submitted by one of our guest authors. The author’s opinions are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of Dolman Law Group. Johnny was excited to go to Cassie’s apartment. It had been…


Senate Panel Gives the Green Light to Self-Driving Technology

Senate Panel Gives the Green Light to Self-Driving Technology - Dolman Law Group

Self-driving cars continue to be a hotly debated topic. In a recent blog, we raised several questions about the future of self-driving cars and their impact on the insurance and legal world; it appears we may have some answers. On…


FAQs About PIP Insurance Claims

PIP Lawyers in Florida

Florida is one of only ten states to require drivers to carry no-fault personal injury protection (“PIP”) coverage. This compensates a driver for her own injuries, regardless of who was at fault for causing an accident. If you or a…


Accidents in Adverse Weather Conditions

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

Late summer and early autumn are the perfect time for Florida hurricanes, rainy and windy weather, flooding, and hazardous road conditions of all types. Most recently for the state of Florida—and for the greater St. Petersburg area—Hurricane Irma demonstrated firsthand…


Car Accident With Uber Or Lyft?

Uber & Lyft auto accidents in Florida

Whether you are the passenger or the other motor vehicle involved in an accident with ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Lyft, there are certain rights and concerns that are essential to the insurance and claims process. Because the industry…


Why Your Smartphone is Your Best—and Worst—Friend

Distracted Driving Lawyers in Florida

The advent of the smartphone has no doubt been a great leap for mankind. Technology grows exponentially, and the smartphone has been no different. But there are consequences to new technologies, new ways of doing things, new ways of behaving….


Wearing Your Seatbelt Could Save Your Life and Your Personal Injury Claim

Car Accident Attorneys in Florida

Seatbelts save lives. Statistics show that bucking up in the front seat of a passenger car can reduce your risk of fatal injury by 45 percent and moderate to critical injury by 50 percent. Not only is it smart to…


The Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine and Florida

Dangerous Instrumentality Doctrine

Most people incorrectly believe that allowing someone to borrow their car somehow releases them from liability in the event of an accident. The argument usually runs something like “how can I be liable for a car accident when I was…