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December 15, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Many trains travel through Illinois, and especially in the Chicago area: freight trains, commuters like the L/CTA and Metra/RTA, and long-haul passenger trains like Amtrak.

Whether you suffer injuries when a train crashes, slip and fall on a train, or a train hits your vehicle, you deserve justice and compensation for your costly injuries and losses.

Following this type of injury, allow the Illinois train accident attorneys at Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, to support you and handle the legal process.

Why Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers? Because our attorneys are relentless advocates for accident victims. We have a reputation for tireless pursuit of justice and a commitment to securing favorable outcomes.

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Causes of Illinois Train Accidents

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Train accidents in Illinois can result from various factors, posing risks to both vehicles at railroad crossings and passengers onboard.

Causes include:

  • Railroad Crossing Incidents: Collisions between trains and vehicles at railroad crossings often occur due to inadequate signage and malfunctioning crossing signals.
  • Mechanical Failures: Train accidents may result from mechanical failures, such as brake malfunctions or equipment defects. Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to preventing these issues.
  • Human Error: Errors by train operators, whether related to signaling, speed management, or adherence to safety protocols, can lead to accidents. Fatigue, distraction, or inadequate training may contribute to human-related incidents.
  • Track Defects: Poorly maintained or defective tracks can lead to derailments or accidents. Ensuring the integrity of railroad infrastructure is essential for preventing accidents caused by track issues.
  • Weather Conditions: Adverse weather, including heavy rain, snow, or ice, can affect track conditions, reducing traction and increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Trespassing: Pedestrians and motorists trespassing on railroad tracks or attempting to cross outside designated areas are at risk of being struck by trains. Fencing and public education are crucial for preventing these incidents.
  • Passenger Injuries: Train passengers can suffer injuries due to sudden stops, collisions, or derailments. Lack of proper safety measures, such as secure seating or adequate emergency exits, can contribute to passenger injuries.
  • Platform Accidents: Accidents can occur on train platforms due to overcrowding, insufficient safety barriers, or inadequate warning systems, resulting in slips, falls, or other injuries to passengers waiting for trains.

Sometimes, parties fail to make sufficient efforts to mitigate train accidents in Illinois. When this happens, they should be liable for any resulting harm. Victims must navigate a stressful legal claim process to obtain compensation, but they don’t have to do it alone.

Our legal professionals can assist victims of train accidents by providing guidance on pursuing compensation for injuries, including medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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