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September 26, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Stone fabrication workers are experiencing a surge of diagnoses of an incurable lung disease known as silicosis caused by ingestion of airborne silica dust generated from stone cutting. The damage the silica dust does to their lungs is irreversible, and it demands ongoing medical care. The employers of these injured stone fabrication workers are now facing silicosis lawsuits from plaintiffs who claim they were put in hazardous work environments with little to no safety measures in place to prevent dangerous silica exposure.

If you are a stone worker, stone fabricator, or countertop cutter who has developed signs of silicosis or you are frequently exposed to silica dust, it is in your best interest to reach out to a reputable personal injury attorney about pursuing a silicosis lawsuit. At Dolman Law Group, we can offer beneficial legal insight regarding qualifying for compensation, how to document your damages, and what to expect from the personal injury claims process. To schedule a free consultation with one of our seasoned personal injury lawyers, reach out to our team at (866) 481-5430 or fill out our online contact form.

Why You Should Choose Dolman Law Group to Negotiate Your Silicosis Lawsuit

If you have developed silicosis or other lung issues after working with engineered stone countertops, you may be considering filing a personal injury lawsuit. The silicosis lawyers of Dolman Law Group are the skilled negotiators you want on your side when you are in crisis. We offer comprehensive legal services and a commitment to reliable, respectful treatment. Former clients can verify that we prioritize client satisfaction as we seek to hold negligent parties accountable for your damages.

Our team at Dolman Law Group is highly experienced when it comes to managing mass tort claims, as evidenced by our work with the AFFF firefighting foam lawsuits, NEC baby formula claims, and other personal injury issues like the chemical hair straightener uterine cancer cases. This degree of specialization and experience are significant advantages when negotiating a stone fabricator silicosis lawsuit.

At Dolman Law Group, we have proudly served injured clients as personal injury attorneys for more than a decade. During that time, we have consistently maximized compensation for our clients. Our team of award-winning personal injury lawyers is prepared to leverage our considerable resources, decades of combined experience, and subject matter expertise to secure a settlement that covers the damages you have sustained in a stone worker silicosis lawsuit.

Stone Countertop Workers Are at High Risk of Developing Silicosis and Other Lung Issues

Silica particles have always been harmful, but popular and newer, engineered stone countertops contain a higher concentration of silica as compared to natural stone. These types of engineered countertops are becoming more popular for people remodeling their homes, which is likely contributing to the increased rates of the disease.

When the engineered stone is cut, it releases silica dust particles into the air, which are then inhaled by the people operating the saws. These silica dust particles are smaller than a grain of sand and can easily slip through barriers not built specifically to filter fine particles and can cause significant lung damage.

What is Silicosis?

The crystalline silica particles are abrasive and scar the lungs when inhaled. Over time, this results in silicosis which is when the silica progressively causes scarring and nodules called pulmonary fibrosis that form in the lungs resulting in diminished lung capacity and eventually suffocation. Stone fabricators are dying at alarming rates at young ages, with some workers in their 30s succumbing to the ravages of silicosis. 

Signs of silicosis include:

  • Discolored lips
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Persistent cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sputum or phlegm 
  • Swelling of the legs

Unfortunately, the only real long-term treatment option for silicosis is a lung transplant. Lung transplants are only a temporary solution, as most last less than 10 years, though they can last longer. If you consider that many of the stone workers who are in need of a transplant due to silicosis or other lung problems are between 30 and 50 years old, it becomes clear that this is an untenable situation. In addition to silicosis, engineered stone workers have reported other health issues, including:

Who is Eligible to File a Stone Worker Silicosis Lawsuit

In order to qualify for compensation in an engineered stone worker silicosis lawsuit, you have to be able to present sufficient evidence that you meet certain conditions. Specifically, you must have been exposed to silica dust from the engineered stone in your capacity as a stone worker. For most stone workers, it should not be difficult to establish this.

Silicosis Lawsuit Plaintiffs Must Prove They Have Suffered From Silica Exposure-Related Illnesses

You must also be able to provide evidence, such as medical records, that you subsequently developed a health condition that has been linked to silica dust exposure, such as silicosis or lung infections like tuberculosis. If you have developed signs of silicosis or other breathing issues, go see a doctor immediately so that you have proof that you sought prompt medical treatment. If you delay medical care, this can render you ineligible for compensation because the defendant will be able to argue that you let your illness get worse, which compromises the integrity of your claim. 

Many of the stone workers who have been affected are immigrants, but this does not necessarily preclude you from filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for damages. Even if you are not an American citizen, you may still be eligible to pursue a settlement to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. If you are a family member filing a silicosis wrongful death lawsuit, then these criteria must have applied to your deceased loved one.

What Damages Can Be Compensated in a Stone Countertop Worker Silicosis Claim

For many stone workers and their families, silicosis and other silica dust-related illnesses have brought significant financial hardship and the emotionally devastating knowledge that silicosis is incurable and ultimately fatal. One of the plaintiffs in the engineered stone worker lawsuits, a 27-year-old father of two young children, has been unable to play soccer with his kids like he used to, let alone work. He is already on oxygen, and without a lung transplant, his prospects are grim. 

Unfortunately, this story is becoming more and more common as silicosis diagnoses increase. In a silicosis lawsuit, stone workers and their families can recover monetary compensation for their damages that can help alleviate the loss of an income source, cover ongoing expenses related to medical care, and bring some peace of mind. Examples of damages in an engineered stone worker silicosis lawsuit include:

  • Medical bills
    • Surgery
    • Medication
    • Oxygen tanks
    • Wheelchairs
  • Job-related losses
    • Lost wages
    • Reduced earning capacity
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death
    • Funeral and burial expenses
    • Loss of consortium
    • Loss of parental guidance and instruction

Economic vs. Non-Economic Silicosis Lawsuit Damages

As a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, you can seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages, as the goal is to restore the value of what you have lost as a result of another party’s negligence. Economic damages are monetary costs that you have sustained because of your injury. They can be related to the medical treatment you receive, the process of obtaining that treatment, a short or long-term loss of income, or other financial setbacks stemming from your illness. Usually, these costs are simple to quantify, as they are listed on a bill, pay stub, or receipt.

For many stone workers and their families, there is also a considerable emotional cost to a silicosis diagnosis. Knowing that your loved one is likely to die at a young age after years of decline takes an emotional toll on the individual as well as their family. The intangible costs related to the illness can be reimbursed as non-economic damages. These can be more challenging to document and quantify, but an experienced personal injury attorney should be able to help you establish the existence and value of your non-economic damages in a silicosis lawsuit.

Why You Need a Silicosis Lawyer to Represent You

After learning that you may be at risk of developing a progressive lung disease like silicosis, the thought of spending your time filing paperwork, collecting evidence of negligence, and trying to recover compensation for your growing medical bills can understandably seem unappealing. By hiring a stone worker silicosis lawyer to represent you, you can delegate those tasks to them and still reap the benefits of the settlement they negotiate.

As your personal injury lawyer, they will take on the responsibility of advocating for you, which includes talking to bill collectors and insurance agents on your behalf, presenting evidence of the value of your damages, and protecting your right to seek compensation for your losses. Another benefit of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that they have access to resources, like expert witnesses, who can help add credibility to your claim or provide critical insight.

Additionally, the defendants in the stone worker silicosis cases are likely to incur significant financial losses from paying out settlements to every single silicosis claim for its full value, so they will be highly motivated to undermine your pursuit of compensation. Given the severity of a silicosis diagnosis, the complexity of the personal injury claims process, and the level of resistance you are likely to face from defendants, entrusting a skilled personal injury lawyer to represent you is in your best interest.

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Stone Worker Silicosis Lawsuit

Manufacturers of engineered stone countertops had a responsibility to make a reasonably safe product, but instead, their negligence has resulted in devastating diagnoses of incurable lung diseases for stone workers. As time goes on, some of these silicosis lawsuits will tragically become wrongful death claims. At Dolman Law Group, we understand that you want to ensure that your family is not left to deal with overwhelming medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses in the worst-case scenario.

As silicosis and other silica dust-related illnesses lead to diminished lung capacity, a diminished quality of life often follows. Let our team of expert silicosis lawyers at Dolman Law Group focus on ensuring that your damages are fairly compensated while you take care of your health and prioritize your family.

Do not wait to reach out to a personal injury lawyer and risk jeopardizing your claim with an expired statute of limitations. The silicosis attorneys of Dolman Law Group can help you navigate this difficult time. Our team will relentlessly pursue fair compensation for your damages in an engineered stone worker silicosis lawsuit. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers by reaching out to our team at (866) 481-5430 or filling out our online contact form today.


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