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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
The proximity of Florida to the tropics makes regions like St. Petersburg prone to hurricanes. Unfortunately, such harsh weather conditions can lead to significant property destruction. Besides, they can contribute to secondary issues like mold infestation and foundation damage. Our St. Petersburg hurricane damage attorneys can help you seek reimbursement. They will also work with professionals to assess the extent of destruction and ensure they present enough evidence. Read on to understand what you should do after a hurricane and ways a lawyer may help.

Damages Caused by St. Petersburg Hurricanes

St. Petersburg hurricanes can lead to a broad range of damages depending on your home's structure and the storm's intensity. One prevalent form of destruction is broken glass doors and window panes. These occur when winds lift debris, causing it to hit the surfaces. Damaged doors and windows allow high winds to enter your property during a hurricane. Once the pressure builds up, the air can destroy your roof and other items in the house. Besides, it may trigger fires if it damages electrical circuits or causes lamps and candles used during a power outage to fall. Hurricanes can flood your property and destroy electrical appliances. The water may also damage crucial documents and expensive home décor or furniture. Other issues that may arise after a St. Petersburg hurricane include:
  • Compromised garage doors
  • Vehicle damages
  • Destruction of outdoor amenities like sheds and pools
  • Gutter and siding damage
A hurricane can destroy some parts of your roof, leading to leakage. If the destruction is insignificant, you may only notice it after it causes various secondary effects. Such are mold infestation, musty odors, and wall or ceiling discoloration.

What You Should Do After a Hurricane Hit Your St. Petersburg Home

After a hurricane, taking various precautions can prevent extensive damages and protect your claim rights. Once the storm passes, contact your insurer to inform them that the hurricane destroyed your property.  The next step you should take is gathering evidence. Take pictures of everything the hurricane destroyed without moving debris. You can also record a video to complement the images. Your insurer may send a representative to assess hurricane damage. These professionals will confirm the details you provided when contacting them. They can evaluate the repair costs to determine how much reimbursement they can provide. Other measures you could take after a St. Petersburg hurricane include:
  • Consulting your insurer before repairs
  • Keeping receipts and invoices of all repair or replacements costs
  • Retaining a hurricane damage attorney

How a St. Petersburg Hurricane Attorney May Help

Your St. Petersburg attorney will help you in various ways if a hurricane destroys your property. Your lawyer will advise you on what to do to protect your case and ensure you have enough evidence. They can also check your insurance contract to determine the issues that can void your reimbursement rights. You must determine the extent of damages. Your attorney will work with various contractors to ensure a comprehensive home inspection. After that, they will quantify the damages before filing a claim. They will also present the assessment report provided by home inspectors to your insurer as evidence. Other ways your hurricane damage lawyer may assist are:
  • Determining if your home had damages before the storm
  • Following up on your claim
  • Ensuring you understand all laws regarding property damage claims
  • Responding to your inquiries
Insurance companies may offer a meager settlement for hurricane damages. They can also deny some claims by stating you conducted unnecessary repairs. Your St. Petersburg hurricane attorney will help you fight for proper reimbursement. First, they will present evidence linking each damage to the hurricane. This can prove your property was in good condition before the storm or that the hurricane aggravated or worsened existing damages. Home insurance policies may require you to inform the company about hurricane damages within a specified duration. Your attorney will determine the grace period in your contract and contact your insurer before it elapses. 

The Evidence You Can Use in a Hurricane Damage Claim

Presenting a St. Petersburg hurricane damage case requires providing proof. One piece of evidence you can use when filing the claim is images. You may also present past home inspection records indicating the property did not have any destruction before the storm. Other items you may use as proof are:
  • Witness statements
  • A property evaluation report provided after the hurricane
  • Video surveillance footage of the storm
The actual evidence needed for your hurricane damage case will depend on the items destroyed. Your attorney will help you determine the proof appropriate for your case. They can also prepare separate claims if the hurricane damaged your home and vehicle.

The Settlement You Can Recover for Hurricane Damages

After a hurricane damages your property, the reimbursement you receive will vary based on different factors. For instance, it may differ based on the expenses incurred. Other factors that may affect the reimbursement you recover after a storm are:
  • The value of your insurance policy
  • The extent of secondary damages
  • The condition of your home or vehicle before a storm
You should take measures to protect your property during a hurricane. These may include closing doors and windows and disconnecting electrical devices. If the insurer determines you did not observe such precautions, they may state you were partially liable for damages and reduce your claim.

Consult a St. Petersburg Hurricane Attorney from Dolman Law Group

Your St. Petersburg hurricane damage attorney can provide all the legal assistance necessary as you seek compensation from insurers. They can also help you avoid mistakes that might lower your claim's value. At Dolman Law Group, we can evaluate the destruction caused by a storm before filing a claim. Our lawyers will also gather evidence and present all documents required for the case. Contact Dolman Law Group to consult our legal professionals. St Petersburg Office 1663 1st Ave S. St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Phone: (727) 472-3909


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