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April 28, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

St. Petersburg uninsured motorist accident lawyers can help you prove the other party was liable for the crash. Besides that, they can identify the proper course of action to take when pursuing damages. Read on to understand what you should do when you collide with a driver and how an attorney can help.

Determining Fault After a St. Petersburg Uninsured Motorist Accident

Before claiming compensation for an uninsured motorist accident, you must determine liability. An attorney can collect various details about your case. After that, they can analyze each aspect to assess if the other driver was negligent and contributed to the collision.

Your attorney can check if the driver broke various road safety rules during the investigation. Such include driving within the speed limit, indicating before turning, and giving right of way.

Another method your lawyer can use to determine fault is talking to witnesses. Such parties can provide a detailed account of each event before the crash. They can also help the attorney build a strong case by backing up statements in the police report. 

More methods the lawyer may use to establish fault are:

  • Analyzing video surveillance footage of the accident
  • Studying images of vehicle damages
  • Interviewing the police called to the scene

The debris displaced at an accident scene can provide more insights into how the collision occurred. Your St. Petersburg lawyer can liaise with an accident reconstructionist to understand why a crash occurred.

Filing a Claim for Damages Caused by an Uninsured Motorist

Filing a claim from your insurance company may help you recover damages caused by an uninsured motorist. A St. Petersburg attorney can gather evidence to prove your injuries and connect them to the crash. Besides, they can quantify each damage to ensure you pursue the proper reimbursement.

Once your lawyer has an approximate settlement value, they can write a demand letter and send it to your insurer. Further, the attorney can present evidence indicating you suffered specific damages. The proof can also verify the costs you incurred due to the crash.

When an insurer receives your claim, they may contact you and ask various questions. A St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer can recommend how to respond to inquiries. Moreover, they can point out the mistakes to avoid, protecting your claim rights.

How an Attorney Can Help When Seeking Compensation

A St. Petersburg personal injury lawyer can determine how an accident affected you by identifying damages. They can work with healthcare providers to predict future medical needs resulting from your current condition.

Various state laws regarding uninsured motorist accidents can affect your claim. An attorney can identify all policies applicable to your case. 

More ways a lawyer can help are:

  • Advising you on legal matters
  • Responding to your inquiries
  • Providing case updates regularly
  • Negotiating with insurance companies

The damages sustained in an accident may exceed your insurance policy. A St. Petersburg lawyer can help you recover additional costs by filing a lawsuit against the other motorist. The attorney can also take this step against your insurer if they deny reimbursement or offer a low amount.

Damages Recoverable After a St. Petersburg Uninsured Motorist Accident

Filing a lawsuit or insurance claim may help you recover various damages. For instance, you may get compensation for lost income and wages. However, you need enough evidence indicating your injuries caused you to miss work leading to the losses you seek.

If an uninsured motorist accident leads to physical harm, you will likely incur high treatment costs. A St. Petersburg lawyer can calculate medical expenses related to your injuries. They can then claim reimbursement for:

  • Surgery
  • Buying assistive medical devices
  • Transport to healthcare facilities
  • Emergency medical care
  • Buying medication

A car crash can cause vehicle damage and destroy personal items like clothing and mobile phones. Your attorney can assess the repair costs and claim them from your insurer or the other motorist.

They may also pursue replacement costs if the accident caused significant damages exceeding the current value of your belonging.

Non-Economic Damages You Can Pursue After a St. Petersburg Accident

Some injuries resulting from a St. Petersburg car accident may lack economic value. Still, your lawyer can use alternative methods to quantify the damages and include them in your claim.

Pain and suffering is a non-economic damage recoverable after a collision. This injury can include the anguish and emotional distress caused by the crash or its secondary effects. The aspects that constitute pain and suffering are:

  • Disfigurement
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disturbing memories

A St. Petersburg uninsured motorist accident can lead to severe head trauma. Such physical harm may damage some brain tissue leading to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Your lawyer can assess the severity of your condition by working with a psychiatrist. They can then claim the treatment costs under mental health injuries.

Accidents can lead to physical impairment and conditions affecting your everyday life. If a St. Petersburg crash caused such issues, your attorney could claim reimbursement for the reduced quality of life.

Another non-economic damage recoverable after an accident is grief. This injury would apply to your case if the crash caused a loved one's wrongful death.

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