Stomach Pain After an Accident



Stomach Pain After an Accident

Stomach Pain After an Accident

Have you or a family member recently been involved in an accident? If so, you might still be dealing with lingering aches and injuries, such as stomach pain after a car accident. You might be wondering, "Do I need a lawyer?" Starting with a free consultation, a lawyer can help you make an informed decision about your next steps.

Stomach Pain Following an Accident Can Be Serious

Are you still recovering from the damage? If you are experiencing severe or lingering stomach pain after a car accident, do not ignore it. You may need immediate emergency care. If you have pain in your abdomen following an accident, it could indicate a serious condition, including internal bleeding or organ damage.

Even if you did not experience this type of pain immediately after the accident, you are not necessarily disqualified from compensation for medical bills. Abdominal pain following an accident, even a few days or weeks after, warrants medical care and may indicate an emergency.

Automobile accidents are the largest cause of blunt force trauma to the abdomen, and the risk is higher if the injury happens to a child. Due to the nature of these injuries and the potential for severe damage, it is most important to seek medical attention right away. 

Will I Be Compensated for Damages Leading to Stomach Pain?

Compensation in a car accident case is hard to determine up front. However, the type or extent of injury you've received does not disqualify you from receiving fair compensation.

It isn't uncommon for insurance companies or liable parties to attempt to get out of paying you by blaming you or another individual for your injuries, which is why it is so important to have a lawyer who will not back down. 

If you received injuries from someone else's negligence, carelessness, or otherwise reckless driving, you don't have to just accept it. As long as you report the injuries and submit necessary documentation before the statute of limitations is up in your state, you should be able to receive compensation for all harms to your person that trace back to the accident. This is the case even if you do not receive treatment in the immediate aftermath. 

What Type of Compensation Am I Eligible For?

 The type of compensation you qualify for may include coverage for:

  • Destroyed property, including repairs to your vehicle or a new vehicle altogether if necessary.
  • Costs of medical treatment and procedures related to your injuries
  • Follow-up care, including long-term rehabilitation
  • Medication, lab work, tests, and prosthetics

If you are experiencing stomach pain after an accident, even if you are not diagnosed with a serious condition, you do not have to and shouldn't shrug off the pain and wait. A lawyer can determine who is at fault for the incident, tell you exactly who they are pursuing as the liable party, and what documents are necessary. We will work toward getting a settlement or taking your case to court. 

Wrongful Death After a Car Accident

If you lost a loved one in a car accident due to a stomach-pain-related injury, we have lawyers who work with both personal injury and wrongful death cases. Our lawyers work with families to win back costs for damages, funeral services, burial, and suffering, including continued counseling care. These are some of the items we take care of if you've lost a loved one in an accident. 

Legal counsel helps you focus on your healing and recovery while the liable parties compensate you appropriately for all damages, pain, and suffering. We know the accident itself is a memory you'd rather not relive. But our lawyers are prepared to listen with compassion as you tell your story. 

Statistically, the data shows it is not in your favor to attempt to win your case without help. When you choose to pursue a case, it matters to have a professional on the case. Healing ought to be your primary concern. A car accident lawyer can help you relax, knowing you don't need to stress over the medical bills. 

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