Arm and Elbow Pain After Car Accident



Arm and Elbow Pain After Car Accident

Arm and Elbow Pain After Car Accident
Drivers protect themselves from potential injuries by following road use guidelines and rules. The best drivers follow speed limits, indicate when turning, and wear safety belts at all times. Sadly, some drivers drive distracted and cause accidents. The impact of an accident can cause a driver to suffer from arm and elbow injuries of varying severity.

How Car Accidents Cause Arm and Elbow Pain

As an accident happens, vehicle drivers and passengers react to protect themselves from serious injury. In cases where the victims brace themselves against a head-on collision, their arms or elbows could collide with parts of the car.  Whether it's the windows or the steering wheel, the forceful impacts from an accident can create severe pain and suffering. Some tell-tale signs that you have suffered from arm or elbow injuries after an accident include:
  • Tingling sensations
  • Wrist pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Swelling and inflammation
Individuals experiencing such symptoms after an accident often brush them off and decide to ‘tough it out.' But no injury is too small to examine. A simple tingling in the wrist can soon turn into a disabling injury, creating more serious consequences.

What Range of Injuries Cause Arm & Elbow Pain After an Accident?

Before an accident happens, it's natural for anyone to react by shielding their head from a collision. While this protection technique is usually out of instinct, it places elbows and arms at serious risk. Some of the most frequent injuries that cause pain in the arms and elbows include:
  • Joint dislocations: Bones in the elbow or arm play a vital function in body movement and flexibility. An accident at low or high velocity can cause a painful dislocation. This is where the joint between two bones meet.
  • Forearm strain & sprain: When vehicle occupants react too quickly to a collision, they can suffer from muscle and ligament tears.
  • Ulnar & radial shaft fractures: In accidents, the pinky and thumb are always at risk of injury. When they experience fractures, the pain can be significant.
  • Flexor tendinitis: Tendons that connect muscle to bones control hand movement. After an accident, these tendons can swell, making it impossible to bend the arm or elbow.  
  • Olecranon fracture: In an accident, the ‘pointy bone' on the elbow can be bruised or hit on the interior of the vehicle and other objects. This fracture can result in isolated injuries but, in some cases, might signify a complex elbow injury.

What does It Take to Treat Arm & Elbow Pain from an Accident?

Emergency service providers responding to accident scenes recommend that medical help be a priority after an accident. For most victims, injuries can be superficial or imagined. Some even report feeling phantom pain, which can be tough to diagnose. The intervention of a medical professional and diagnosis techniques usually determines the best treatment options for the patient. Depending on the severity of the arm or elbow injury, the patient receives medication that lessens pain and suffering. Treatment options include compression wraps, slings, physical therapy, pain medication, and surgery.  Since we use our arms every day, any injuries might take longer to heal than most. So, to treat arm and elbow pain successfully, don't ignore any tell-tale symptoms and seek assistance within 48 hours when possible.

How Can An Attorney Help You Seek Compensation for Arm & Elbow Pain?

In the United States, the law affords many individuals the right to sue when they are wronged. In car accidents, the victim has the right to seek damages against the at-fault drivers, especially when they were distracted or DUI. While victims can choose to represent themselves, they can ensure their rights are protected by hiring legal help. Some of the damages your auto accident attorney will help you pursue include:
  • The loss of quality of life
  • Medical bills incurred from the accident
  • Mental suffering and psychological ailments
  • The loss of income, especially in cases where you can't work as you recover
  • Physical disfigurements (some arm and elbow injuries can be permanent)
  • Property damage (the compensation will restore your vehicle and property)
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