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Archive: Qui Tam Litigation

Calling a Lawyer vs Reporting To The Government

When an employee has witnessed fraud conspired against the government by their employer, there are two options available to report such illegal activity. One option is to call the government fraud hotline. There are a number of agencies that operate…


Qui Tam Litigation In Florida

According to USA TODAY, UPS reached a $4.2 million settlement for overcharging 14 states and three local entities by falsely recording that next-day delivery packages reached their destinations on time. The lawsuit alleges that certain UPS employees recorded inaccurate delivery…


Qui Tam & False Claims Act In 2015

Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawyer in Florida

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice (DOJ) released its annual update of the Fiscal Year (FY) numbers regarding the False Claims Act filings and it showed that recoveries during this past year, ending in September 30, 2015, exhibited an…


Medical Providers Busted For Improper Billing: False Claims Whistleblower Litigation

Whistleblowers In Florida Medical Case

It is against the law for a medical provider to fraudulently alter their billing codes under government healthcare programs to induce the government to pay them more money. People who speak out against these fraudulent acts are protected under federal…


Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and more commit fraud against the government—insider information could lead to significant financial compensation

Our Government would have a hard time discovering, halting, and preventing theft if it wasn’t for inside information. A whistleblower does just that; it’s someone like you or me that has inside information pertaining to “dishonest or illegal activity occurring…


Whistleblowers Should Come Forward to Receive a Reward

You may have heard about qui tam, or false claims, cases in the news recently, which often involve prominent companies and large amounts of money, making the cases more high profile and noteworthy. However, the nuances of qui tam and…


Qui Tam Litigation: How a Civil War Provision has Grown into America’s Greatest Weapon against Fraud

Enacted during the Civil War, the Federal False Claims Act was originally designed to help the Federal Government stem the tide of fraudulent and unscrupulous weapons appropriations being made by industrial suppliers in the industrial North. This law was originally…


Shands Hospital Settles Qui Tam Lawsuit

Earlier this month, Shands Hospital settled a qui tam lawsuit in which the Hospital was accused of submitting false Medicare and Medicaid claims for inpatient procedures. The qui tam or “whistleblower” (as the field of law is commonly referred to)…


What Should I Do If I Know that Someone is Defrauding the Government?

In short, if you know of someone, or you believe that you know of someone actively defrauding, or who has defrauded the federal government, you should contact an attorney immediately. These actions are extremely important, as they ensure that individuals…