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March 8, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Did you suffer an injury in a Doral slip and fall accident? If so, you are not alone. Every year, millions of people must visit emergency departments in the United States seeking treatment for slip and fall-related injuries.

When you think about a fall injury, you may think of someone who has fallen down stairs or from some other high place. However, the number—and severity—of injuries that take place due to falls on even floors may surprise you. Many people do not realize just how bad slip and fall injuries truly are until it happens to them or someone they love.

After a slip and fall injury in Doral, you may have the right to hold another party liable for your medical bills and other injury-related losses. The best way to fully know your legal rights is to call an experienced Doral slip and fall accident lawyer who has represented clients in these types of cases.

At Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we have protected the rights of injured clients for years, including those injured in slip and fall accidents. Call today to discuss your accident and injuries with a member of our legal team.

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Slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter. These injuries can result in a lifetime of pain, suffering, and long-term disability. Yet, injured accident victims often face an uphill battle when trying to prove negligence and collect the compensation they deserve. That's why we fight aggressively from the start.

Our Doral injury accident lawyers have the experience and resources to tackle these complex cases - and win. We work quickly to investigate slip and fall accidents and collect the evidence needed to build a strong case from the start. We are a nationally-recognized, award-winning law firm for a reason. We offer big law firm results with a small firm feel. Our attorneys give each of our clients personalized attention and support at every turn.

We are a local law firm first with strong ties to Doral and surrounding communities. We know the places in Doral where slip and fall accidents occur frequently, such as CityPlace Doral, the Miami International Airport, grocery stores, and big box stores. When you suffer a slip and fall accident in Doral, we can be there quickly wherever you need us - in your home, your hospital room, or your office. To make things even easier, we offer FREE initial consultations and reviews, so you can seek justice no matter who you are.

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While injuries caused by slip and fall accidents can vary widely, certain types of injuries are particularly common.

Slip and fall accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) - Slip and fall victims can experience mild, moderate, or severe TBIs. The most common form of mild TBI is a concussion. Many people who slip and fall end up hitting their heads on the ground or nearby objects. Even the slightest trauma to the head can result in a concussion or a more serious brain injury. Concussion symptoms can last a few weeks and can disrupt your ability to perform everyday tasks at home or work. More severe TBIs in Doral can leave life-damaging, even permanent, consequences.
  • Neck and back injuries - A sudden fall can easily twist or wrench someone's neck or back. A quick awkward movement is enough to cause pain and limitations for weeks to come. Many neck and back injuries require painkillers and a long course of physical therapy before a victim can return to normal and live pain-free.
  • Soft tissue injuries - When parts of the body suddenly stretch in abnormal ways, the ligaments, muscles, and tendons can sprain, strain, or tear. Sprains and strains are extremely painful and may limit victims' movements for weeks while they rehabilitate soft tissue and regain strength with physical therapy. Tears can require surgery and patients can face long recovery periods as well as physical limitations. Some soft tissue tears will prevent patients from ever resuming previously enjoyed activities, such as playing sports.
  • Broken bones - A broken bone usually causes immediate pain and requires medical attention as soon as possible. Some broken bones will heal after a few weeks, while others may require surgeries or additional treatments. Older adults who slip and fall are at a particular risk of breaking hips. This can result in surgery, which can prove risky for older patients, and many victims of broken hips must move into assisted living facilities for a period of time—or even permanently.
  • Spinal cord injuries - Every spinal cord injury requires emergency medical care. Damage to the spinal cord tissue can disrupt a victim's movements and sensory abilities in many parts of the body, causing partial or total, temporary or permanent, paralysis and loss of sensation.

Many slip and fall victims in Doral need to go to the emergency room for treatment and may rack up numerous medical bills during the following weeks and months after the accident. One second of slipping and falling can result in missed work, lost income, medical bills, and many other financial struggles in addition to pain and suffering. In many circumstances, however, you have the legal right to seek compensation for all of these losses.

Doral Slip and Fall FAQ

As South Florida cities go, Doral is much smaller than many of its neighbors. But Doral is full of business and activity, the kind that naturally fosters the possibility of slip and fall accidents. At residential, commercial, and public properties throughout Doral, from championship golf courses and shopping centers to condo communities and lakeside homes, life can change instantly when someone suffers serious injuries in a fall.

Victims of slip and fall accidents in Doral have the legal right to pursue compensation for their injuries. In this blog post, find answers to some common questions Doral slip and fall victims and their family members are likely to have about exercising their rights and getting the compensation they need to recover from and adapt to life with their injuries. For answers to questions about your specific Doral slip and fall case, contact an experienced Doral slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

What qualifies as a slip and fall in Doral?

Confusion can arise about what the term “slip and fall” actually means. In a nutshell, it refers to any preventable fall on someone else's residential, commercial, or public property in Doral that results in an injury.

In other words, to have a case that lawyers would refer to as a slip and fall, you only need to have fallen and gotten hurt on a premises that wasn't your own and due to no fault of your own. But you do not need to have slipped, necessarily. You could also have tripped, stumbled, or lost your footing in any other way.

A preventable slip and fall accident means that someone could have, and reasonably should have, taken steps to fix or warn you about a dangerous property condition.

For example, a preventable fall could include:

  • Spilled liquid, sand, or anything else on a floor that someone could slip on
  • Uneven, cracked, or broken flooring or pavement that's likely to cause someone to trip
  • Loose handrails and balcony railings that could give way and cause someone to lose their balance
  • Poorly lighted or uneven stairs that might lead to a misstep and a tumble

These are just a few of many possible examples. The important takeaway is that you likely have what lawyers would call a “slip and fall” case if you suffered injuries in a preventable fall on someone else's property in Doral.

What are my rights if I get hurt in a Doral slip and fall accident?

Generally speaking, under Florida law, Doral slip and fall accident victims have the right to pursue compensation for any injury and loss they suffer as a result of a preventable fall on someone else's property. The property owner and/or occupant owes you a duty to keep the premises free of unreasonable hazards and to warn you about known hazards on their property. If they fail to fulfill these duties, the owner and/or occupant could be liable for paying you compensation for the expenses and injuries you incur due to the premises hazard.

These are the basic concepts. In practice, determining the scope of your rights is often more complicated, depending on the details of when, where, and how your slip and fall accident happened. The best way to learn about your rights after getting hurt in a slip and fall in Doral is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible for a free consultation.

What compensation can I get from a Doral slip and fall accident claim?

What compensation you can recover in a Doral slip and fall accident case depends on the particular facts of your fall and your injuries.

However, in general, you can typically hold the property owner/occupant financial responsible for your:

  • Medical expenses you have already incurred to treat your fall-related injury, and any you are likely to incur in the future
  • Non-medical expenses that you can tie directly to the fall and your injury, such as the cost of hiring help around the house while you recover, or of installing home modifications to accommodate your injury
  • Lost wages and income, if the injury you suffered in the fall causes you to miss work, you become unable to work, or you otherwise lose out on economic opportunities you otherwise would have had
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, and overall diminishment of your quality of life and personal relationships, attributable to the injury

In some Doral slip and fall accident cases, you may be able to convince a court to award you a payment of punitive damages. These damages are less common and are not designed to compensate a victim for their expenses and impacts but to punish a defendant for extreme or intentional misconduct that led to the accident.

How long does it take to receive money for my Doral slip and fall accident injuries?

It varies, based on a wide variety of factors.

The timeline for receiving payment for injuries you suffered in a Doral slip and fall could depend on:

  • How long it takes for a doctor to give you a reasonably certain prognosis for injury and physical recovery
  • How much time it takes to gather evidence necessary to prove how your fall happened and who should bear the blame
  • The number of parties who may bear financial liability to you for your injuries and losses
  • The degree of dispute those parties raise over core questions like liability and your damages

For the most part, these factors are beyond your ability to control. You do, however, have control over one key element of that timeline, which is how soon you contact an experienced Doral slip and fall attorney about your case. Taking that step as soon as possible can put your case on the fastest possible track to getting compensation.

Will I have to take my Doral slip and fall case to court?

Probably not, at least not in the sense of a full-blown trial. The vast majority of Doral slip and fall cases settle out-of-court, without the need for formal presentation of evidence and witness testimony in front of a judge or jury. Many cases even settle before victims have to officially file a lawsuit.

However, if you do have to file a lawsuit, you might still have to give sworn testimony in your on-the-record to an insurance company's lawyer in what is called a deposition. Depositions are conducted as part of the discovery process, which is a period preceding trial where the parties are gathering evidence and building their cases. A deposition by the insurance company serves as an opportunity for them to ask you anything related to your fall and your injury accident and injuries. A skilled slip and fall attorney helps you to prepare for a deposition and stands by you as an advocate for you to make sure the other side doesn't mistreat you or ask improper questions.

Of course, while the vast majority of cases settle out of court, not all do. It's always possible a Doral slip and fall lawsuit may need to go to trial. That's why you should always hire a slip and fall attorney who has a proven track record of success, whether by securing a settlement or winning at trial.

If most cases settle out-of-court, do I even need a lawyer?

Yes, you do. Lawyers have a saying: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” What it means is that it is virtually always a mistake to try to “represent yourself” in any kind of legal matter. Even lawyers hire lawyers when they have a legal issue. Hiring a lawyer is especially critical when you are pursuing a settlement for serious injuries in a Doral slip and fall. After all, you get one shot at agreeing to a settlement, and you need to make sure it will take care of your expenses.

Parties on the other side of slip and fall cases—the insurance companies and their defense lawyers—deal with settlement proceedings every day. They have a detailed knowledge of the law, of how to obtain evidence, of what evidence matters, and of how much your case is probably worth. Trying to represent yourself places you at an immediate disadvantage in every step of the process of securing compensation for your injuries.

It is true in almost any case that a skilled slip and fall lawyer can get you more money in a slip and fall case settlement than you could get on your own, even after taking that lawyer's fee into account.

How much does a Doral slip and fall lawyer cost?

Here's another reason why you should never go without a lawyer in a Doral slip and fall case: with most slip and fall lawyers, it costs nothing to meet for an initial consultation to learn about your rights and options, and it costs nothing upfront to hire the lawyer to represent you.

Experienced Doral slip and fall attorneys offer potential clients a free consultation upfront, and they represent their clients on a contingent fee basis. This payment arrangement allows the attorney to go to work on your case without charging any legal fees upfront. Instead, they take their fee from a percentage of any money they secure on your behalf. In short: your slip and fall attorney only gets paid if you get paid.

I fell and got hurt at my friend's home—does that mean I have to sue my friend if I want compensation?

Perhaps, but with a caveat—you are likely not going to be digging at your friend's personal funds for compensation. Your friend should have homeowners' insurance or other insurance that can be a source of compensation, and you might not even need to file a lawsuit to obtain an insurance payout. If it appears a lawsuit is necessary to recover compensation, you decide whether to proceed.

You should always feel free to tell your slip and fall lawyer about any personal concerns you have about pursuing legal action for compensation. A skilled Doral slip and fall attorney will understand the delicate situation of having to pursue compensation against a friend and can help to handle the situation in a way that does not force you to choose between a friendship and the money you need.

What can I do to protect my rights after a slip and fall in Doral?

First and foremost, get the medical care you need as soon as possible. Falls can cause serious injuries, some of which may not show symptoms right away. Rather than waiting until you start to feel pain, go get checked out by a doctor immediately after any fall. The sooner you get a check-up, the better your odds of limiting the damage done by any injury, and the better your odds of securing the compensation you deserve.

Next, if possible, tell the property owner or occupant about your fall right away. As with seeking medical care, the sooner you do this, the better. It may become important in any legal action to establish that the property owner/occupant knew about your fall and the dangerous condition that caused it. Notifying the owner/occupant is the surest way to establish this. Be careful though not to get into a discussion about fault, or even about the details of the accident. Simply put them on notice that you had an accident on their property.

Finally, find an experienced Doral slip and fall accident attorney. You may do this even before putting the property owner or occupant on notice of your accident, such that your lawyer can reach out to them on your behalf. Getting an attorney as soon as possible can help you avoid any pitfalls that might hurt your case, and get your claim in process so you can recover the compensation you desperately need as soon as possible.

When Can You Recover Compensation After a Slip and Fall?

Falling simply because you lost your balance does not necessarily give you the right to hold anyone else responsible for your injuries. However, many slip and fall accidents take place as a result of negligence on the part of a business or property owner.

When businesses invite the public in, they have the duty to keep their premises in safe conditions for their customers. This includes inspecting the premises on a regular basis, addressing any possible hazards, or warning customers if hazards may exist. Courts can deem businesses that breach this duty negligent and legally liable for any injuries that result.

Examples of negligence in slip and fall cases include:

  • Wet or slippery floors without proper warning
  • Failure to clean spills or debris from the floor
  • Ramps without railings or slip-proof flooring
  • Carpets that slide or shift
  • Worn flooring that becomes slippery

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