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February 5, 2024 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Social media companies like Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms, Inc. (Meta), make billions of dollars every year using digital algorithms that entice and addict users. Once someone opens a Facebook account, the platform gathers personal information and records how they navigate around the site. With this information, Facebook can create customized content to keep users active on the platform.

Unfortunately, using Facebook has harmed many vulnerable users, including children and teenagers, who now face serious financial losses as a result. If you or someone you love suffered harm from using Facebook, you may bring a Facebook lawsuit.

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Why Choose Dolman Law Group to Handle Your Facebook Lawsuit?

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As you’ll see below, to increase your chances of success when bringing a legal claim against a huge corporation like Meta, you must partner with a law firm with extensive experience investigating these complex claims and preparing a solid legal case to justify the compensation you deserve.

Taking on massive companies like Meta takes tenacity, grit, and extensive financial resources to fight for injured clients who deserve justice. The dedicated social media harm lawyers at Dolman Law Group, Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, have the skills, resources, and experience to file lawsuits against Facebook and fight for as long as it takes.

A Track Record of Success

With more than 120 years of combined experience, the team at Dolman Law Group has recovered more than $400 million for our clients. Read more about our recent success stories and what our past clients have to say about the exceptional legal services they received.

Prior Mass Tort Experience is Crucial

As legal battles against the tech giant grow, our experienced team of professionals can help you navigate the complexities of your social media case. We are prepared to play a crucial role in advocating for your rights and seeking justice in Facebook lawsuit claim matters.

Negotiating a Facebook settlement claim requires deep experience in social media law and a thorough understanding of how various legal principles apply. Your Facebook lawsuit claim may involve complex legal procedures, such as a Facebook class-action lawsuit, multidistrict litigation (MDL), skilled negotiations, and advanced expert testimony.

Our skilled mass tort attorneys have what it takes to protect you, regardless of which path your Facebook lawsuit may take.

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Why Should Facebook Be Held Liable for Injuring Users?

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The general legal basis of social media lawsuits is that Facebook created a digital platform that contains algorithms designed to entice young users, keep them online, and addict them to the platform.

Since Facebook receives most of its profits from online advertising, it will stop at nothing to keep users scrolling through their Facebook feed while exposing them to multiple ads.

Studies show that social media users spend an average of 151 minutes a day online. This number has risen steadily since 2012. Also, 90 percent of teens spend an average of three hours daily on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Overall, American users average just over two hours a day on social media. Extensive exposure to questionable information, bullying, self-image attacks, and other negative content greatly affects younger people whose brains and self-images are still developing. 

What is the Basis of a Facebook Lawsuit Claim?

Some Facebook lawsuits claim that social media platform algorithms curate and display irresistible content at the top of the user’s page. This constant stream of carefully selected content creates a fake reality about other people’s wealth, beauty, and success.

When constantly barraged with these posts, a young person may feel they pale by comparison, or they don’t measure up to societal standards. Also, social media overload can damage someone’s mental health.

One Facebook lawsuit claim brought against Meta Platforms and other Facebook-related companies alleges the platform knowingly promotes “controversial, disturbing, negative, and/or emotionally charged” content that leads to physical and emotional harm, especially in younger users.

The complaint cites research that shows how social media creates opportunities for cyberbullying and can lead to obesity, sleep deprivation, eating disorders, and overall discontent in children. The lawsuit claims social media “has been connected to depression, anxiety, self-harm, and ultimately suicide ideation, suicide attempts, and completed suicide.”

Why Would Facebook Harm Children?

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Facebook’s business model was created to maximize its users’ entertainment and engagement, apparently at any cost. Facebook makes money through advertising, which is tailored to each user’s activity.

In one recent year, Meta’s social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, reported nearly $70 billion in revenue. These enormous profits come from analyzing users’ data (especially younger users) and micro-targeting various ads that entice the user to keep scrolling.

The more someone uses Facebook, the more data it collects from the user. This data places more money in Facebook’s pockets. Injured litigants in Facebook lawsuits claim that by using complicated algorithms and artificial intelligence, Facebook can exploit human psychology for profit.

Similar to other mass tort lawsuits, the plaintiffs in pending Facebook lawsuits have raised several legal theories, including:

Failure to Warn

One of the first Facebook lawsuits alleges Facebook failed to warn its users, especially younger people and their parents, about the potential mental, emotional, and even physical dangers of using Facebook.

Design Defect

Injured parties claim Facebook’s design is defective because it can harm users, especially minors. They also allege Facebook could alter its design to reduce user harm, but it refuses to make changes.


Lawsuits also claim that Facebook and its parent company Meta outright knew or should have known that the algorithms and design of this social media platform could harm users, yet the companies failed to revise the product to minimize the risk of harm.

Instead, Meta and Facebook prioritized making a profit over protecting their users by creating a product that encourages people to use Facebook more often and remain on the platform for longer periods of time despite understanding the addictive nature of the product.

Manufacturing Defect

This theory alleges Facebook developers strayed from the original product design and ultimately created a product that is more dangerous than the original plan because it can cause serious harm or even death to its users.


By advertising, marketing, and promoting Facebook as a safe platform, Meta and Facebook concealed the dangers of using this social media product. In spite of the companies’ knowledge that Facebook presented a serious risk to users’ mental and emotional health, they hid this information and created a dangerous situation.

What Injuries Are Associated With Addictive Facebook Use?

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Once vulnerable users are hooked, excessive use can lead to destructive behaviors and actions.

Reports have shown excessive exposure to social media may lead to:

  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Self-harm
  • Eating disorders, some leading to death
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Violence
  • Insomnia
  • Suicide
  • Other mental health conditions, such as ADHD and the inability to focus
  • Headaches, migraines
  • Vision issues, including eye strain

Current Facebook lawsuits claim that Meta and Facebook knew about these potential concerns, but rather than warn users or change the algorithms to help avoid these problems, Facebook modified the platform to increase user addiction and time spent on the platform.

What Compensation is Available in a Facebook Lawsuit?

Like all other personal injury claims and lawsuits, the amount each claimant may receive will vary. The value of a Facebook lawsuit can depend on many factors, including the type of injury suffered and the extent of financial losses incurred.

Some of the possible types of damages an injured person could request in a Facebook lawsuit claim include:

  • The cost of all medical care related to Facebook injuries
  • Any lost income caused by missing work for medical treatments or because you are unable to hold employment after a Facebook injury
  • Pain and suffering caused by Facebook injuries and losses
  • Reduced life enjoyment created by Facebook dangers
  • Punitive damages if Facebook’s actions are found to be intentional and/or egregious

Placing a value on your losses can be complicated. To ensure you receive the full value of your Facebook settlement claim, it’s crucial to work with a dedicated Facebook lawsuit lawyer.

The skilled social media lawyers at Dolman Law Group know what it takes to challenge multi-million dollar companies like Facebook and Meta. We won’t back down, and we have the resources to go toe-to-toe with big corporations that place profit above user safety. You can trust us to make them pay.

How much can you recover in a Facebook lawsuit?

How Can I Bring a Facebook Lawsuit?

To prove any type of personal injury claim, the injured person must build a solid legal case with sufficient evidence to justify a demand for financial compensation. While you may be seeking medical treatment or ensuring your child receives the care they need after a Facebook-related injury, it’s challenging to gather evidence and prepare a legal claim.

A knowledgeable social media lawyer at Dolman Law Group can help you build a Facebook settlement claim by compiling important case information such as:

  • Proof of Facebook use 
  • Any diagnosis and/or prognosis of certain conditions related to social media addiction or abuse 
  • The total cost of medical care you have incurred and expect to incur to treat the condition(s) 
  • Any expected income losses 
  • A calculation of the value of intangible losses such as pain and suffering and loss of life enjoyment
  • Other related damages and losses you can recover from Facebook or related companies

Companies like Facebook and Meta have vast teams of lawyers who do nothing but defend legal claims. You need a sophisticated and aggressive law firm in your corner, fighting the corporate lawyers and insurance companies and protecting your legal rights. You need the legal professionals at Dolman Law Group when you file a Facebook lawsuit.

Can I Afford to File a Facebook Lawsuit?

Yes! The compassionate legal team at Dolman Law Group only accepts social media cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t have to worry about paying anything upfront, and you won’t pay any attorney’s fees until we successfully resolve your Facebook lawsuit claim.

We can explain more about how easy it is to get started and answer any other questions during your free, confidential consultation. With several office locations around the country, we’re happy to meet you in person or set up a virtual meeting at your convenience.

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