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May 19, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Human trafficking entails using force or coercion to influence someone to do something they do not want. It can also include making false promises and using fraud to obtain free labor. If you or your loved one became a human trafficking victim in Florida, you may seek justice against all perpetrators through the civil courts.

A Florida human trafficking lawyer from Dolman Law Group can collect evidence to establish liability and file your lawsuit. As your representatives, we will advocate for your right to compensation while handling every aspect of your case. A free, confidential consultation is available to all prospective clients.

The Signs of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking victims are often under constant observation from their perpetrators. Therefore, it may be hard to seek help or talk to an attorney. Looking out for various signs can help you identify human trafficking and get your loved one help.

One prevalent sign of this crime is restricted movement. For instance, the victim may stay in confined areas, such as a hotel room. They may also live nearby their workplace and only leave their residence at particular times. Human trafficking victims may also sustain injuries and lack access to reliable healthcare. Other potential signs of human trafficking are:

  • Supervision by seniors when interacting with other people, such as clients
  • Avoiding eye contact with other people
  • Starvation and dehydration
  • Leaving suggestive notes

Another prevalent sign of human trafficking is many visitors in a hotel room. The guests may also come to the room at odd hours and seem indifferent or violent. In such cases, these behaviors can indicate sexual trafficking and abuse.

What to Do If You Are a Human Trafficking Victim

If you are a human trafficking victim, you should take various steps to ensure your well-being and hold the other party accountable. Contacting the police is a critical first step to securing your safety. Then, if you sustained physical harm due to human trafficking, get medical care. If you can, try to take pictures of the injuries and keep the receipts of all incurred costs.

Once you are safe, you can contact a Florida personal injury lawyer. Our team can take over from there, collecting evidence to support your claim. More steps to take if you are a human trafficking victim are:

  • Avoiding interactions with the liable party
  • Not discussing the matter on social media platforms
  • Preserving any evidence you have that could support your case

Human trafficking can lead to severe mental trauma. Therefore, it is also advisable to consult a therapist and ensure you get counseling. This measure can prevent adverse secondary issues like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It also allows you to gather evidence of mental health injuries and link them to the crime for additional compensation.

How a Florida Human Trafficking Lawyer Will Help

A Florida human trafficking lawyer can help you seek justice for various damages. Our attorneys will first study your case to identify all injuries and their secondary effects. After that, we will work with other professionals, like your physician, to evaluate the severity. This will help us quantify each damage and build a case based on the findings.

Various parties may be accountable for human trafficking if they knowingly contribute to the crime. For example, a hotel manager may be responsible if they allow clients to use their rooms for sex trafficking. The supervisor could also be accountable if they fail to get help, such as contacting the police.

Our lawyers can identify all the parties accountable for the crime. We will also collect evidence linking each party to damages and present it in court. More ways our team can help include:

  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Obtaining video surveillance footage
  • Responding to your questions
  • Explaining the state and federal laws applicable to your lawsuit
  • Sending summons to the liable party

We want to give you the time and space you need to heal without losing your right to pursue compensation from the responsible parties. Our firm can take care of everything for you.

Damages You May Recover for Human Trafficking in Florida

When you file a human trafficking lawsuit in Florida, you may recover various damages. For example, one type of damage our attorneys can help you seek is pain and suffering. This damage can encompass other issues resulting from anguish and mental distress, such as:

  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Physical pain
  • Mental health injuries

If you seek healthcare services for injuries related to human trafficking, you could also recover your medical expenses. Your compensation may cover surgery, medication, home nursing care, and hospital admission. You can also seek the cost of buying assistive medical devices if you suffer a disabling condition due to abuse.

Another damage you can claim if you are a human trafficking victim is lost income. If you offered free labor due to coercion or fraud, our attorneys could gather evidence to prove this aspect. We will calculate the hours you worked and present records indicating you deserve a given wage.

The Loss of a Loved One to Human Trafficking

If human trafficking led to a loved one's wrongful death, you could sue the party at fault for this loss. Your family could recover damages like:

  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost guidance
  • Lost inheritance
  • Grief

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A Florida human trafficking lawyer from our firm can hold various parties liable for the damages you suffered based on their contribution to the crime. Further, our team can offer legal advice, compassion, and support during this difficult time.

At Dolman Law Group, we will help you seek justice for human trafficking. Call our firm now to discuss your case, learn your legal rights in Florida, and hire an attorney to represent you.


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