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April 12, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

BBC reports that between January 2021 and January 2022, Omegle piqued in popularity, and its subscribers increased from 34 million to 65 million. However, the sudden interest in the online chatting site raised eyebrows, and upon investigation, it was noted that it is a haven for pedophiles and child pornography. 

Since the site is hardly moderated, children can easily be abused, groomed or exposed to sexual content. If, for any reason, you think your child could have been a victim, contact a Doral Omegle lawsuit lawyer's team to advise you on the way forward. 

Why Is Omegle So Dangerous?

Omegle is an online chatting site marketed as a platform to help people connect with strangers who share the same interests. Once you log in, you will be required to select a bunch of interests, and the site will match you with a like-minded person so you two can chat. The chat is either via text or video, but the most common choice is usually video. Seems innocent, right?

The Hidden Hazards

The problem is that many of the new subscribers were school-aged children confined in their houses due to COVID-19 restrictions. Omegle has morphed into a porn site where subscribers (sometimes pedophiles) log in to relieve sexual frustration. 

Sites like these are legal for consenting adults over the age of 18 (since you can always end the video if you're not interested). However, children are easily coerced to stay on. The result is damaging. 

It's Easy for Kids To Access the Site

To access the site, you can effortlessly search it online, and two similar websites will pop up, one to show you how to use the site and one to allow you to log in. Alternatively, you can download the Android app through a simple file from the Internet. 

Who does Omegle Target?

Once you log in and set up your account, users can choose one of the following categories:

18+ Area

In this section, there are two options—adult and unmoderated. Before choosing either of these options, a warning reads “Video is monitored, keeps it clean.” But is there really anyone monitoring?

Users who click on either section will see a pop-up warning about explicit content. Only those two simple "safeguards" prevent underaged users from connecting with strangers who intend to do harm. 

College Student Chat

This section matches users with fellow college students. They do require you to enter and verify your school email, making it the most decent and secured chat category on Omegle. Even still, the person you'll be matched with will be able to see which college you are from. 

Spy Mode

This chat category allows users to ask questions that will be answered, or rather debated, with two strangers. However, you can only witness the chat and can't comment. The people discussing your question won't know who asked it.

What You Need to Know About Omegle

There are things you should know about the chat website. These include the following:

Sexual Interaction With Complete Strangers Is Common on the Site

One of the leading marketing tactics of Omegle is that it connects you with strangers, but your identity remains anonymous. In short, you don't have to show any proof of your age, name, where you live, your email, etc. (in some versions).

However, you can share any information you want if you deem it beneficial to your interactions. Also, since you will be connected with a total stranger, there's no telling the content you'll find. Kids who find their way onto the site are often exposed to nudity, adult content, and inappropriate chats.

Lack of Safety Features

Before you sign in to the site, Omegle warns you that the content you might come across is not appropriate. Although they claim to moderate some interactions, bypassing their near-insignificant moderation policies is effortless. 

Also, if you encounter harmful content, all you can do is leave the chat. You don't have the option of blocking, reporting or flagging users who may be harmful to you or others. 

Recording Chats

Since the conversations are primarily between two people, there's no way you can prevent the other party from recording your chat messages or video calls. The content you put out can be used against you. 

Age Ratings

When you first log in, you have to indicate that you are above 18 years. If not, you should be at least 13 years old and be using the site with an adult's consent and supervision. But why should a child ever be allowed to access a site like this? There's nothing that requires you to verify your age, so most people (especially kids) lie. 

Is Omegle Bad?

As stated earlier, the site's concept is legal between consenting adults. But many of the subscribers of Omegle are under-aged children. Seeing how the site does the very minimum to combat exposure to sexual content, it becomes your sole responsibility to monitor your child on the site—a practically impossible task. 

Thanks to the site's popularity, many children insist on joining the site to talk with other kids in their age group. But without any security, there's no way to tell who they're really talking to. 

Even though there are several lawsuits against the site stating that children were sexually tormented on Omegle against their will, Omegle still does very little when it comes to prevention measures. We know you want to keep your children safe, and it's time we hold Omegle legally accountable. 

Why Contact Dolman Law Group About Your Omegle Sexual Abuse Case?

You can be able to sue for a personal injury lawsuit against anyone who produces, distributes, or possesses child pornography. To win, we will prove that the sexual content on Omegle caused harm to you or your child. 

Owing to our vast resources and knowledge, we can bring you and your child the damages and justice you need. Call us today for a free case analysis.

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