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May 7, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Many people suffer spinal column injuries after accidents, such as back and neck injuries. These injuries might need extensive treatment that most people can't cover independently. However, sometimes insurance companies try to find ways to avoid paying them compensation or refuse to give them a worthwhile settlement.

If you were in such an accident, you could avoid this by using a Fort Lauderdale back and neck injury lawyer to advocate for your rights. Your lawyer will ensure that the insurance company doesn't give excuses to undercut your settlement.

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash occurs after hard impact accidents, causing the neck to snap back and forth quickly. While there can be mild cases of whiplash depending on the accident, sometimes whiplash can be severe. It can cause soft tissue damage and hurt your nerves, discs, and ligaments.

Whiplash can also take some time to show its symptoms, creeping up on you when you least expect it. This is why it is important to get checked out after an accident, no matter how small it was. You need to seek treatment to avoid making the symptoms worse.

Whiplash Symptoms

You might categorize your whiplash symptoms wrongly and attribute the pain to shock. However, it is important to know what to look out for so that you can get help right away. We recommend getting help to make sure everything is okay.

Whiplash can have common symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, and fatigue. It can also present itself as neck pain that worsens whenever you move your neck. While these symptoms seem common enough for any accident, do not ignore them. They might be a sign of something bigger. Other symptoms of whiplash can include:

  • Tenderness or pain on your back, arms, shoulders
  • Headaches starting from the back of your skull
  • Neck stiffness or limited range of motion
  • Numbness or tingling or arms

Types of Neck Injuries

Besides whiplash, there are also other types of neck injuries. These can consist of damages to the neck bones or your soft tissue. The neck is fragile and ignoring your pain can lead to even worse conditions. Some of the common neck injuries you can get include:

Neck Fractures

These can be seen during an x-ray procedure. Neck fractures show damage to the bones in your neck. They can lead to inability or difficulty moving your limbs, shooting pain whenever you try moving your arms or legs.

Neck Sprains

Also known as cervical spine sprains, these injuries often affect the soft tissue. A neck sprain causes neck pain whenever you try rotating your head or neck.

Types of Back Injuries

Back injuries vary depending on the force of the accident and where on your back you get hurt. These injuries can cause difficulty in moving, making you unable to work. Some of these injuries include:

Herniated/ Bulging Discs

This condition mostly happens to the lower back. It occurs when a spinal disc pushes itself through the soft part of your back to the tougher exterior. The forceful pressure results in a ranging level of lower back pain.

Spinal Cord Injuries

These are some of the most severe types of back injuries. They can result from serious injury to the ligaments or vertebrae in your spinal column. Spinal cord injuries can cause disability or permanent changes to your mobility and strength.

Common Causes of Back and Neck Injuries

Back and neck injuries can occur due to another person's negligence. In cases like this, you should reach out to a Fort Lauderdale back and neck injury lawyer to get compensation from the responsible party. Some of the common causes of back and neck injuries are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents - including truck, car, bicycle, or motorcycle
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Accidents in the workplace

If the accident occurred because of someone else's negligence, you are entitled to a settlement that helps you deal with the resulting injuries. A Fort Lauderdale back and neck injury lawyer can help you get this compensation.

Back and Neck Injury Compensation

Back and neck injuries can be very severe, making a person suffer chronic pain. They might need extensive rehabilitation, and it can take years before you recover. A Fort Lauderdale back and neck injury lawyer can help you get a settlement to deal with the recovery costs.

Effects of Back and Neck Injuries

Some of the effects of these injuries can be physical, while others are more psychological. Some of the physical effects of these spinal column injuries include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Broken bones or fractures
  • Disability - Spinal column injuries can cause paraplegia or quadriplegia in their victims
  • Weight gain from limited mobility

The psychological or emotional effects of back and neck injuries include anxiety and depression and reduced quality of life. These effects can negatively impact you and take away most people's enjoyment of life.


Dealing with these injuries can take a toll on your financial wellbeing, and your lawyer will do their best to ensure the responsible party pays you the compensation you deserve. A back and neck injury lawyer will deal with the insurance company or the negligent party to ensure you don't bear this burden alone. A lawyer can help you seek compensation for your damages, as well as help you file a personal injury claim for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income and benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Disability

They can also help you get compensation for any reduced earning capacity from your injuries. Your lawyer will work for you to make sure that the insurance company doesn't use any excuses to cut you out. They will handle the negotiations so that you can focus on your recovery.

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