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October 29, 2014 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Intrauterine devices (IUDs) such as Mirena are widely considered to be the most reliable method of birth control a woman may choose. This is because, unlike pills or patches, the risk of user error is almost zero. Once the IUD is implanted, a woman does not have to do anything for many years. However, IUDs are not the perfect form of birth control, as they also come with the risk of serious injuries and complications. Thousands of women who have suffered serious injuries from using Mirena have filed lawsuits against manufacturer Bayer Pharmaceuticals. If you have suffered harmful side effects from using Mirena or another type of IUD, you should consult with an experienced Clearwater Mirena attorney at the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, to see if you have a potential case.

Allegations regarding Mirena

The lawsuits against Bayer allege that patients suffered several different types of serious injuries due to the IUD. These injuries include the following:
  • The device migrated from the proper location and sometimes ended up in the pelvic cavity
  • A migrated device perforated the wall of the uterus and sometimes embedded itself in the uterine wall
  • The patient required surgical removal of the device
  • Unexpected expulsion of the IUD device
  • Ectopic pregnancy, which is pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus and can be very dangerous to the woman
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which is an infection that may cause serious issues such as ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube blockage, infertility, or serious and lasting pain in the pelvis
  • Dangerous complications of pregnancy while using Mirena, such as miscarriage, septic abortion, sepsis, or very premature delivery
In addition to alleging that Mirena caused the above injuries, plaintiffs in these lawsuits also claim that Bayer did not adequately warn doctors or patients about the high risk of side effects, particularly of migration of the device, perforation of the uterus, or the need for surgical removal. Plaintiffs seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other IUD-related losses.

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If you have suffered injury due to Mirena or another IUD, you may be entitled to significant compensation if you file a products liability claim against the manufacturer. The attorneys at the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, have extensive experience handling claims involving defective products and against large corporate manufacturers. We will work to make sure you receive the full settlement or award you deserve for your injuries and losses. Do not hesitate to contact our office today by calling (727) 451-6900 or by filling out our online contact form.


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