Why 411-PAIN Preys on Accident Victims

February 6, 2017 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Why 411-PAIN Preys on Accident Victims

There have been many complaints from people who have called the accident hotline 411-PAIN that the service did not provide the compensation or services that it promised. In addition, both the Florida Bar and Attorney General Pam Bondi have investigated the service for its questionable practices. The AG's office even ordered the company to alter its advertising campaign and make hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable contributions1 as a method of protecting consumers in Florida.

The question often arises: why would a company prey on accident victims in their time of need? The main goal of 411-PAIN is likely not to hurt consumers but instead, their top priority seems to be obtaining the insurance money from the policies of accident victims, which in turn hurts the victims. The following are some reasons why such accident hotlines target injured crash victims.

Car Accident Victims can be Vulnerable

Car accident victims have been through a traumatic experience and often have sustained injuries and have seen their cars wrecked before their eyes. Many car accident victims stand at the crash scene and wonder how they are going to afford to fix their cars. At the same time, they are feeling pain and wonder if they sustained serious injuries. They want help and, in the moment, they remember the jingle from 411-PAIN. 411-PAIN is more than happy to take advantage of crash victims who are unsure of what to do, as these victims will often follow the advice of the hotline representative. This way, they get the victims into their clinics and using their legal services.

Many People do not Understand the Intricacies of PIP Insurance

Many people have PIP policies simply because the law in Florida2 requires it. They may not even know the limits of their policy or how this type of insurance works. Because of the uncertainties regarding PIP insurance, it is all too easy for the clinics associated with 411-PAIN to send bills to the insurance company and quickly deplete the policy of the accident victim. At the end of the case, all of the money will go directly to the clinic and to the attorney and very little into the pockets of the injured victim.

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