What is a Motorcycle Broadside Accident?

October 2, 2017 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
What is a Motorcycle Broadside Accident?

T-boned while Riding a Motorcycle

When people hear the phrase “motorcycle crash,” they often think about images of a high-speed head-on crash between a motorcycle and a car. You know, the one where the motorcycle and the car go straight at each other and the rider goes flying over the hood? These unfortunate accidents do happen, and will produce horrific results such as severe injuries or death. However, a more common accident that occurs to motorcyclists, and can produce the same terrible results as a head-on collision, is the broadside accident. A broadside accident, also referred to as a side-impact collision or t-bone, occurs when the motorcyclist is struck from the side. This type of accident can occur when an automobile changes lanes and strikes a motorcyclist on their side, or when a motorcyclist is driving through an intersection and an automobile travelling perpendicular to them strikes them in the side.

Common Causes of Broadside Accidents

Failure to yield: At right-of-way intersections, it's common for motorists to not notice a motorcyclist and fail to yield to the motorcyclist's right of way. Often, this is caused by too short of a glance left and right or into the mirror, causing the small motorcycle to go unnoticed. This can result in a broadside collision as both the motorist and motorcyclist pass through the intersection. Distracted driving: One of the major contributing factors to any kind of accident on the road these days is distracted drivers. These dangerous motorists are liable to drift into neighboring lanes, roll through stop signs, or run red lights, all putting motorcyclists, along with other people on the road, at risk for serious injury. Distracted driving was already an issue in our country, but the sudden spike in the use of smartphones has made it much worse. Drunk driving: Another highway epidemic, drunk drivers have a decreased sense of awareness of what is going on around them, making the already less-visible motorcyclist even less-visible. Drunk drivers also have poor control of their vehicle and are very liable to drift across highway lanes. Poor visibility: Motorcycles are obviously much smaller than other vehicles on the road. This characteristic makes them extremely hard to see. A motorcycle's low visibility can cause even the most attentive drivers to have trouble noticing bikers on the road. This is why it is crucial for motorcyclists to take preventative measures and for motorists to get into safer habits. One thing motorcyclists can do is wear high-visibility and reflective clothing while riding. Motorists should get into the habit of looking twice. It only takes a split second for a motorcyclists to come into view.

Injuries Caused by Broadside Accidents

Due to the lack of protection of the motorcyclist's lower body and the nature of broadside accidents, severe lower body and limb injuries often result from a broadside accident. The most common type of lower body injury is bone fractures in the legs or hip. A motorcyclist can also suffer broken or dislocated knees, hips, ankles, and feet. These injuries often require surgery and an extensive physical therapy regime in recovery. Broadside accidents also have a higher rate of spinal cord injuries. These often will occur in the lower part of the back, or the lumbar region, and can result in nerve pain, limited mobility, and paralysis. Lower internal organs in the body are also at risk in broadside collisions, such as the intestines, urinary systems, or reproductive organs. While injuries to the lower part of the motorcyclist's body are the most common, broadside accidents will often separate the rider from their motorcycle and put them at risk for other injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, contusions, scrapes, and severe wounds.

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