Dangerous Baby and Child Products

April 27, 2015 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Dangerous Baby and Child Products From the time they are born, children require a lot of preparation and equipment, especially when they are small. Unfortunately, some defective or dangerous products find their way onto the market and children are at risk of serious injury. Parents should always be aware of the product recalls issued by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC)[1] to make sure they do not have unsafe products in their homes. The following are some examples of often-recalled and potentially dangerous baby and child products.
  • Strollers – Strollers are constantly on the recall list for a variety of reasons. Some strollers can collapse and cause small children to fall out onto the ground. Other can suddenly fold and risk children getting their fingers caught in the hinges, which can cause serious injuries or even can amputate fingers.
  • Cribs and changing tables – Both cribs and changing tables can be defective and can collapse without warning. Changing tables are usually several feet off the ground and children can suffer serious head or brain injuries, spinal cord damage, broken bones, and more if they fall to the ground. When a crib collapses, a child is at risk of getting wedged in between the parts of the crib and it can even lead to suffocation.
  • Toys – Toys come in all shapes and sizes and can have many parts that can be removed or can accidentally come off. Many toys on the market are not suitable for small children, mostly due to choking hazards. Companies should always provide proper warning on the packaging for the appropriate ages, but they at time recommend a toy for a child that is too small and the child can choke or suffer other types of injuries.
  • Clothing – Babies require a lot of clothing, from onesies to bibs to pajamas and more. All clothing for children should be made from safe materials that will not cause irritation or other conditions. There has been significant controversy recently regarding flame resistant pajamas for babies—while some parents believe it is only safe to have flame-resistant sleepwear, others insist that the chemical flame retardants are harmful to the child's health.
  • Swings – Many people believe that baby swings should not be used because of the risk of different types of injuries. If parents do choose to use a swing to help a baby sleep, they should be aware of the risks of a child slipping down into the leg holes and getting strangled, becoming entrapped between the seat and the frame of the swing, becoming entangled in the straps of the harness, falling due to a defective frame, and more.
  • Car seats and baby carriers – Both slings and backpack-style baby carriers pose the risk of injury, as do car seat carriers. Statistics indicate that more than 13,000 children[2] sustained injuries related to car seats or carriers, involving children falling from carriers, being suffocated, and more.
  • Room décor – A parent should use caution when designing the baby's nursery and when baby-proofing other parts of the home. Curtain and blind cords should always come with proper warnings to not use them near a crib or other area where a child may be unattended. Children can grab the cords and can become entangled and many children have been strangled or suffered serious injuries in these situations.
  • Bath seats – Though parents should always be vigilant when their child is in or near water, bath seats can give a parent a false sense that their child is safely propped up in the water. However, a child can easily slip out of a bath seat or the seat can tip over and the child can drown in only an inch of water.
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