Sig Sauer P320 Handgun Misfire Lawsuits

August 24, 2021 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Sig Sauer P320 Handgun Misfire Lawsuits

Florida Product Liability Lawsuits Over Sig Sauer Handgun Defect

The Sig Sauer P320 is a model of handgun that was introduced to consumers in 2014 as a safe firearm with a number of features that would ensure that it would fire only when the weapon's operator intended. Contrary to these claims made by Sig Sauer when marketing their product, a large number of accidents have occurred where the firearm discharged without the owner even touching the trigger often causing injuries to the weapon's user and even bystanders. As a result of these incidents, there have been a number of lawsuits against the New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer company alleging that they put a potentially dangerous firearm on the market despite having knowledge of issues that could cause the weapon to misfire on its own.  

The Sig Sauer P320 Pistol Controversy

Many reports have been filed involving the Sig Sauer P320 where the gun fired on its own despite the operator not having their finger anywhere near the trigger. The details from case to case vary but the common factor across the board is that the gun fired on its own when it experienced some form of force acting upon it like a bump or strong tap. In many cases, this bump occurred when the firearm was dropped but many other cases involve the gun firing when still holstered.  The P320 has sold hundreds of thousands of units across the country with law enforcement utilizing the weapon extensively. The United States military has even adopted customized variations of the P320 dubbed the M17 and M18. Their version is based on the P320 design but it was requested that their version have a thumb safety that is notably absent on the P320. A thumb safety is a small switch located on the side of a firearm that renders the weapon unable to fire when switched into the safe position. The P320 also lacks a trigger safety which is a feature on many modern guns that makes a weapon unable to fire unless a button on the trigger is pressed. 

Sig Sauer's Role in the P320 Controversy

The P320 handgun firing on its own when experiencing a bump in the wrong place is a serious defect on its own but what makes this issue even worse is how the P320 was marketed. Sig Sauer repeatedly marketed the P320 as a “drop safe” firearm with features intended to prevent the issues the firearm is reported to have. To this date, Sig Sauer has yet to issue a recall for the P320 despite a steady trickle of accidents still occurring. 

Sig Sauer P320 Upgrade

Owners of Sig Sauer P320s made before 2017 can have their firearm upgraded as part of the company's voluntary upgrade program that was instituted in 2017 to replace the original production triggers with enhanced triggers designed to fix the issue of the weapon's potential to fire when dropped. Despite the implementation of this upgrade, there are still reports of the P320 experiencing misfire issues even with these new parts. What exactly is wrong with the gun to cause these issues can vary slightly depending on who you ask but the main issue stems from the weapon's striker system design and issues with defects in the manufacturing process. 

Lawsuits Over Accidents Caused by P320 Handgun Misfire Accidents

Over the years there have been several lawsuits filed against Sig Sauer over their P320 handgun and accidents its misfirings have caused. Most of these cases have involved members of law enforcement that have had their P320 pistols misfire on their own in a way that caused an injury to them and occasionally others.  Last year, veteran Tampa police officer Bob Northrop had his P320 sidearm discharged while still in its holster while he was on duty at a high school baseball game injuring him. An off-duty Texas detective this year had a P320 holstered in her purse go off and injure her as well. Last fall a member of Canada's special forces counter-terrorism unit was wounded in a training exercise when their P320 went off and hit them in the leg leading the Canadian Military to cease use of the weapon. Many of these people have since filed lawsuits valued in the millions against Sig Sauer over these misfirings in order to seek compensation for the damage the controversial pistol has caused them. 

Sig Sauer P320 Class Action Lawsuits 

These product liability lawsuits are not the first nor will they be the last filed against Sig Sauer over their P320 handgun. Last March, Sig Sauer agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit requiring the firearms company to reimburse P320 owners who paid for repairs or upgrades to prevent the alleged safety issues. This recent settlement is likely the first of many dominos to fall as Sig Sauer reckons with the large number of consumers injured by the weapon. 

The Sig Sauer P320 Handgun and Product Liability 

Those that have been harmed by the P320 handgun's propensity to misfire likely will want to seek compensation for the damages a misfire accident will cause but what exactly does this entail? Consumers have the right to hold the makers of defective products accountable in the event that their product has caused them harm either because of an issue with the product's design, manufacturing, or labeling. This is known as product liability which falls under the purview of personal injury law.  In the case of the Sig Sauer P320, the people shot by the controversial gun in a misfire accident where the gun fired on its own may be able to seek compensation from Sig Sauer on the basis that their product was put out into the market with the potential to cause harm through these misfire accidents despite evidence that Sig Sauer had that there were issues. They marketed a weapon as “drop safe” and with phrases like “The P320 won't fire unless you want it to.” despite the danger the weapon posed to consumers. 

Filing a Sig Sauer P320 Handgun Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit against Sig Sauer because of a misfire that occurred with their product can get you the compensation needed to cover damages associated with injuries you suffered as a result. Many of these accidents involve the P320 firing in its holster down into the leg which can cause severe and permanent damage. In many cases, people injured by this gun this way have had to undergo treatment for severe tissue damage, shattered bones in their leg or abdomen, nerve damage, and more.  These injuries have lifelong consequences for one's mobility, career, and quality of life in general necessitating legal action in order to hold Sig Sauer accountable for their negligence. Consider reaching out to Dolman Law Group about how we can assist you with taking legal action against Sig Sauer in order to get compensation for damages caused by a P320 accident and also ensure that negligence like this does not happen again. 

Seek an Experienced Florida Product Liability Lawyer

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