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Commercial Cargo Loading FAQs

Cargo that falls off a tractor-trailer or a truck bed can cause serious accidents and injuries to other drivers and their passengers. If you can prove negligence led to the debris that caused your crash, you should be entitled to compensation to recover for your losses.

Q. What are the dangers of improper loading?

A. The primary danger of a truck on the road that has been negligently loaded is truck accidents. The freight can interfere with the safe handling or maneuvering of the vehicle or spills debris on the roads, endangering other motorists. Every year, hundreds of commercial truck accidents are caused when cargo is improperly loaded or secured.

Q. How can I identify that a truck or tractor-trailer has been improperly loaded?


  • Cargo that is not properly covered
  • Weight that is incorrectly and/or unevenly distributed through the trailer
  • A truck that is overloaded – a prime condition for rollover accidents, making safe braking and maneuvering difficult
  • Unsecured cargo – when the transported goods have not been properly secured with tie-downs or the number of tie-downs is not sufficient for the weight of the load

Q. What can a personal injury attorney do to help if I have been injured in a truck accident caused by improper loading?

A. It is critical to retain legal representation to protect your rights and those of your loved ones. A skilled Clearwater truck accident attorney will be able to establish:

  • What parties were involved in loading the truck?
  • Was it obvious that the truck was overloaded?
  • Did the trucking company instruct the driver on how to properly secure the load of cargo?

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