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Archive: St Petersburg

How Florida Summer Celebrations can Lead to Personal Injuries

07.17.2017 by | St Petersburg

Personal Injury Attorneys in St. Petersburg

As another Florida summer rapidly approaches, so to do those summer celebrations. Whether it’s graduation, the Fourth of July, a family vacation, or simply a summer barbecue, an increase in outdoor activities can also lead to an increase in personal…


Five Things You Didn’t Know about PIP Insurance

06.12.2017 by | St Petersburg

Car Insurance PIP Lawyers in St. Petersburg

The state of Florida requires all licensed drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This makes it one of the minority of states (15 in total, plus the District of Columbia) that use this system over the more popular…


Liability After a Boat Accident

05.01.2017 by | St Petersburg

Boat Accident Lawyers in St. Petersburg

Boating is a popular outdoor activity in Florida because of the state’s unique geography and mild climate. Each year, thousands of tourists descend upon the state to take advantage of its natural beauty and the opportunities to get out on…


Complex Legal Issues if You Are Injured on Vacation

04.17.2017 by | St Petersburg

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

Let’s assume that you are on vacation in Florida. You’re having a great time — you’re staying at a fantastic resort, the weather is perfect, and your kids have been surprisingly well-behaved. It seems like nothing could go wrong. However,…


Ways to Investigate the Cause of a Car Accident

04.10.2017 by | St Petersburg

Car Accident Lawyers in St. Petersburg, FL

Determining exactly what occurred during an auto accident is crucial, not just for insurance companies, but for the drivers involved as well, as certain auto accidents can lead to exposure to criminal liability. It’s fairly easy to figure out what…


Should You Go to the Emergency Department after a Florida Car Accident?

04.03.2017 by | St Petersburg

Car Accident Lawyers in St. Petersburg

Each year, almost forty million people1 visit emergency departments around the country for accident–related injuries, but less than 10% of these visits actually result in hospital admission. When asked whether you should go to an emergency department after a car…


Truck Drivers and Impaired Driving

03.27.2017 by | St Petersburg

Truck Accident Attorneys in St. Petersburg

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is no laughing matter. Every day, 28 people in the United States die in alcohol-related vehicle crashes, equaling about one person every 53 minutes. The death and damages caused by impaired…


The Many Possible Causes of Bicycle Accidents

03.20.2017 by | St Petersburg

Bike Accident Lawyers in St. Petersburg

With year-round warm temperatures and sunny weather, biking season lasts all year in St. Petersburg, Florida. St. Petersburg also boasts a number of bike trails, and the entire State of Florida comprises almost 825 miles of coastline, presenting many opportunities…


Will Your Motorcycle Case go to Trial?

03.06.2017 by | St Petersburg

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in St. Petersburg

When you think about seeking compensation after a motorcycle accident, you may imagine being in court, on the witness stand, recounting the accident to a jury. While this is the scene regularly portrayed in movies and on television, personal injury…


When Can You Obtain Compensation for a Back Injury?

02.27.2017 by | St Petersburg

Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Petersburg

One of the most common injuries that people sustain in motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, and on the job are back injuries. In motor vehicle accidents, individuals often sustain back injuries when a severe impact causes their bodies to twist…