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Archive: Premises Liability

Inadequate Security of Your Rental: What Every Tenant has the Right to Know

If you are a tenant renting either a residential or a commercial property, you may think of your landlord as simply the person whom you pay your monthly rent. Florida law, however, recognizes that there is more to the landlord-tenant…


Protecting Yourself against Property Liability

Premise Liability Lawyers in Clearwater, Florida

For those people who own a home or property, liability will always be somewhere in the back of their minds. It can be a source of anxiety, but giving it consideration can be a good idea. The best ways to…


I was Hurt On Another’s Property. What are My Options?

Premise Liability Lawyers in Florida

Sometimes, accidents happen and you get hurt on another person’s property. This can occur at a friend’s house, at an establishment, or even while away on vacation. These times are supposed to be enjoyable and the last thing you want…


New Jersey Man Critical After Electric Shock In Pool

A 34 year old New Jersey man remains in critical condition, at the time of this article, after receiving an electric shock inside a pool at the Aztec Motel in Wildwood Crest NJ. The apparent electric shock drowning (ESD) victim…


Electrocution Injury – Who is Responsible?

Electricity is a convenience in modern society that is taken for granted for the most part. We expect to plug in an item and use it without incident. We throw a switch and the power is turned on or off…


Child Attacked By Alligator At Disney – A Case Of Premises Liability

Orlando, Florida has been a recent sight of tragedy that has been blasted by the mass media all around the globe. Although the horrific Orlando night club shooting seems to have just occurred, another tragedy has yet again cursed the…


What Is a St. Petersburg Premises Liability Case?

The Florida statute, Title XLV, chapter 768, discusses premises liability[1]: “If a person slips and falls on a transitory foreign substance in a business establishment, the injured person must prove that the business establishment had actual or constructive knowledge of…


What Is Premises Liability?

What is premises liability? Florida injury lawyer explains

Premises liability is the responsibility that a property owner has to maintain a safe environment for any guests that visit his or her property. A property owner is liable for any damages that a victim incurs in a preventable accident…


St. Petersburg Sports Injuries Can Be The Result of Negligence

Sports Injuries in St Petesburg Lead To Premises Liability Claims

Sports are an extremely healthy way to get exercise and are an integral part of many people’s lives. In addition, youth sports can be an important part of a child’s social development and can also teach skills related to teamwork…


Premises Liability At The Gym

Premises Liability Lawyer, Gyms in Clearwater, Florida Gyms and You

Just recently, a funny story came out in the news about a Clearwater man stuck at a close LA Fitness gym complex. Nick Clayton posted a video on Facebook this past Saturday afternoon from inside the gym located on State…