Enfamil Baby Formula Side Effects

March 27, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Many doctors and parents have raised concerns about Enfamil's side effects, causing serious illness and even death. Premature infants fed this formula may have an increased risk of developing necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a painful disease that affects the intestines of premature babies. As a result of ingesting Enfamil, bacteria may attack the wall of the intestine and can eventually destroy it.

Many symptoms of this condition appear in infants that feed on Enfamil formula. Symptoms can occur quickly and progress rapidly. Left untreated, NEC can lead to death in up to 50% of infants born prematurely.

Symptoms and Side Effects of NEC Caused by Enfamil Baby Formula

The following is not an exhaustive list of NEC symptoms. You should contact your pediatrician if you notice any change in your child's condition. Pay special attention to the following symptoms that may indicate that your child is suffering side effects from Enfamil formulas including:

  • Difficulty feeding
  • Green or yellow vomit
  • Changes in blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and body temperature
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of weight gain

Some of the most serious side effects can include:

  • Sepsis - a serious blood poisoning
  • Bowel perforation - when bacteria cause a hole in the intestines
  • Death

The Journal of Pediatrics reported that 23.5% of the infants diagnosed with NEC who were part of an eight-year study passed away. Make sure you speak to your pediatrician about any concerns that you might have, especially if your baby received Enfamil. 

What to Do If You've Purchased Formula and Your Child has Enfamile Side Effects?

If you've purchased Enfamil formula for your preemie baby, here are some steps you can take:

  • Do not give the formula to your child
  • Check your child for symptoms and call a pediatrician with any concerns
  • Take pictures of your receipts and of the formula
  • Contact the store where you made a purchase to talk about refund options
  • Call an Enfamil lawsuit team to answer your questions and possibly help you receive compensation

Is Enfamil Bad for Babies?

In the United States, the Federal Drug Administration regulates the ingredients in baby formula. It stipulates minimum amounts of 29 different nutrients that all formulas must include. Enfamil and other manufacturers must follow these regulations to reach the shelves. But some also send out formulas they know may cause problems for infants. 

Breast Milk vs. Formula

In the age-old debate between formula and breastfeeding, there's one thing every parent can agree on: "Fed is best." In general, the most important aspect is the health and safety of the child. And whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, or if you have no alternative, parents who formula feed deserve safe and reliable options. 

Typically, formula safely mimics breast milk's nutrients, but it may not contain the exact same nutrients needed for your child's development. Human breast milk contains everything that a baby needs. Your pediatrician can advise you on the best choice for your baby, but some may not warn about the possible side effects or dangerous medical conditions certain cow's milk-based formulas may cause.

For many parents who can't or choose not to breastfeed, baby formula can be a safe and effective option, especially for full-term babies. And most stores have a wide selection of baby formula. These products fall into three main groups:

  • Protein-based cow's milk
  • Soy protein-based milk
  • Non-dairy specialized formula

How Dolman Law Group Can Help Hold Enfamil Manufacturers Financially Accountable

The company that manufactures Enfamil, Mead Johnson & Company, LLC, is an independent subsidiary of the giant British multinational Reckitt. This company sells baby formula internationally and earns substantial revenue annually. Like many large corporations, it's no surprise that they may look the other way when something goes wrong. 

But being a big company doesn't give it the right to make negligent choices. And you shouldn't have to pay for the damage it causes you. Many parents throughout the country have filed product liability lawsuits when their children suffered NEC after ingesting certain baby formulas, including Enfamil. All federal claims have been consolidated into one multi-district NEC baby formula lawsuit, and we are representing people just like you who are facing the same Enfamil baby formula side effects.

Mead Johnson & Company, LLC does not include a warning on Enfamil product packaging about the formula's health risks. This failure to disclose potential risks is actionable, and parents could have the right to claim compensation if their babies are affected. The company has received frequent questions from parents about the side effects of its products, yet Enfamil still has no warnings on its formulas.

The Benefits of Hiring an Enfamil Lawsuit Lawyer at Dolman Law Group

If a company has put your child's health at risk by knowingly withholding vital information, here are the steps you can take to get compensation and how our team can help:

  • We'll communicate with Enfamil, file your claim, and handle the paperwork
  • We'll negotiate for a fair and reasonable settlement on your behalf
  • We'll collect evidence and review medical reports
  • We're prepared to represent your case in court

We can also help you get financial compensation for damages. You could request payment of your losses, including:

  • Hospital and NICU bills
  • Ambulance trips
  • Labs and tests
  • Prescription medication
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income during the recovery period

Our law firm accepts cases on a contingency fee arrangement. We know that you're already dealing with the overwhelming expenses that come with your child's care. So, you shouldn't have to scrape together upfront costs and fees just to file a legal claim. We won't accept any fees until after we successfully resolve your case. And we'll agree to a fair percentage ahead of time. That way, you know your settlement money will cover everything. 

And if we don't succeed, you don't pay our fees. That's how confident we are in our team. 

If you have used Enfamil or a similar formula to feed your baby and a doctor has diagnosed necrotizing enterocolitis, contact Dolman Law Group. This consultation is free and commits you to nothing. We treat your information with complete confidentiality. 

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