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Defective Medical Devices Can Cause Injuries

Many different types of consumer products can be defective and cause injury to users. Medical products are produced and marketed to help ill or injured patients improve their health and quality of life. For this reason, when a doctor suggests a certain type of medical device, an individual generally trusts that the device is in their best interest and will not cause them further injuries or complications. Unfortunately, medical devices can be defective like any other type of product and can cause serious injuries and even death in users.

Medical devices can be defective in a number of ways that open the manufacturer up to liability. The following are three common ways that manufacturers can be negligent and cause injury:

  • Design the medical device with inherent flaws
  • Make mistakes during the assembly process that causes defects
  • Fail to adequately warn potential users of the full range of possible side effects and risks

If you believe that you have suffered serious injury or side effects from a medical device and did not have the proper warning of those side effects, you should contact the Dolman Law Group to speak to an attorney who has experience holding large medical manufacturing corporations responsible for their actions.

The following are only a few examples of medical devices that have been at issue in many legal claims in recent years:

Metal-on-metal hip replacements – Many patients who require replacement of their hip joint due to arthritis or other issues opt to have an implant that is referred to as “metal-on-metal”[1] because it has both a metal ball joint and a metal socket. The metal was intended to be more durable than plastic or polyethylene implants. However, over time, as the ball and socket rub against one another, metal fragments can flake off and be released inside a patient’s body. This has caused damage to nearby bones and muscles and can cause severe pain. Furthermore, these implants may release metal ions or particles into the bloodstream, which can result in metal poisoning. Many patients have had to undergo subsequent surgeries and additional implant replacements because of the high risk of defective metal implants.

Intrauterine devices (IUD) and NuvaRing – Both Mirena-brand IUDs and NuvaRing are types of devices that are intended to provide convenient and effective birth control for women. However, both of these have been associated with many and potentially serious side effects. For example, the IUD has been known to perforate the wall of a woman’s uterus, often migrating out into her abdominal cavity. This can require surgery to remove the IUD. There are also very serious complications if a user becomes pregnant with an IUD.

NuvaRing[2] users have experienced serious side effects including blood clots in the legs and the lungs, which can be fatal. Users affected have claimed that the manufacturer of NuvaRing did not adequately test the product prior to sales and also did not provide proper warning regarding the risks of blood clots. 

Defibrillators – A defibrillator is a small device that regulates abnormal heartbeats by sending a small shock through a wire, called a “lead.” Recent defibrillators have used very thin leads that can break, causing trouble with the defibrillator’s reading of the heartbeat. This can cause the device to send an unnecessary and severe electric shock to the heart, causing serious cardiovascular issues and even death. The FDA[3] has issued a warning and recall for many different types of defibrillators due to similar defects and injuries to users.

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The above are only a few of the many potentially defective medical devices that are being sold and used today. Companies should be held to the highest standard of care when producing medical devices and should be held liable for any injuries they cause due to defective products or failure to warn users of the potentially serious side effects of their products. The experienced lawyers at the Dolman Law Group have the resources necessary to hold companies accountable, so please call today at 727-308-3472 for a free consultation.

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