What Happens When You Call 411-PAIN for Help?

October 3, 2016 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
What Happens When You Call 411-PAIN for Help?

After a car accident, you may not know where to turn to seek proper diagnosis and treatment of your injuries. After all, if you have never suffered a serious back or neck injury, which are common in collisions, you likely do not know which orthopedist provides the best care for the most affordable price in the area. In addition, if you believe you will need to seek compensation for your injuries but have never been involved in a legal claim before, you likely do not have the number of a skilled personal injury lawyer on speed dial.

For these reasons, it can seem extremely helpful when a company claims they can set you up with both medical care providers and a lawyer all at once. Companies like 411-PAIN reach out specifically to victims of auto accidents and even go so far as to say that 411 should be your second call right after 911. The reality is, however, that instead of feeling helped after calling 411-PAIN, many accident victims feel taken advantage of and scammed. This is because what really happens after you call these referral services often differs substantially from what was promised.

Medical Referrals

411-PAIN and similar referral service 1-800-ASK-GARY both promise to connect you with the right medical professionals who will be able to treat your injuries and relieve your pain as fast as possible so that you may return to work and continue on with your life. In actuality, both of the aforementioned referral services are founded and run by chiropractors who operate a chain of clinics and have an extensive network of largely chiropractic clinics to which they refer clients. While chiropractic treatment can help many car accident victims, some injuries may require care from orthopedists, surgeons, or specialists who may not be in the network. Victims likely will not be able to identify that they need a different kind of care and may waste a lot of time and money continuing with the wrong type of treatment, spending their days in pain, and possibly missing work and income.

Legal Referrals

411-PAIN will also offer to connect you with an attorney to handle the legal side of your car accident case. However, the referral service does not careful choose the best personal injury lawyers in the area. Instead, lawyers choose to join the network based on the possibility of referrals and even pay fees for the service. This means that you may not be getting the attorney who is right for you and your case.

Compensation for Your Injuries

The commercials for 411-PAIN claim that you can receive $10,000 for your injuries with their help. They base that figure on the fact that Florida law1 requires everyone to have a minimum of $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage, which should pay for your medical bills in the event of an accident. When you receive treatment from the referred chiropractors or medical providers, they will likely tell you that you owe nothing and will send the bill directly to your insurer. This may seem like a convenience until you learn what is really happening.

What is happening is that the $10,000 you were promised is instead slowly being paid to the medical providers for the services they render, which slowly drains your PIP coverage. In addition, some former clients of 411-PAIN have alleged that the clinics provided unnecessary treatments and inflated their diagnoses in order to bill more from the insurance companies. Furthermore, many providers drove the costs of treatment unnecessarily over the $10,000 limit so that a legal claim would be needed to fully recover. This will help the attorneys in the network, who will then get a cut of any settlement received in a lawsuit.2 In short, many people go through all of the hassle of treatment and a legal claim and walk away still in pain and with little to nothing in their pockets.

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If you have been injured in an accident, finding a medical provider and an attorney is among the most important issues that you face. As a result, it is not advisable to let a third-party that is simply connecting victims with the highest bidder to choose your doctor or lawyer for you. To speak with one of the skilled auto accident attorneys at the Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, call our office today at 727-451-6900.

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