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Archive: Personal Injury Protection

PIP: 14-Day Rule and the Emergency Medical Condition

PIP Lawyers in Florida

Personal Injury Protection’s 14 Day rule and Emergency Medical Condition In the 2012 Florida Legislative session, the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) statute was extensively amended (under House Bill 119); the laws officially went into effect in 2013. And although this…


Independent Medical Evaluations and PIP

Why there is nothing “Independent” about Independent Medical Examinations What is an Independent Medical Evaluation? As a person who has been treating with a physician after a crash or a medical provider, a common term heard thrown around is Independent Medical…


Chiropractors Cannot Do EMCs

Florida Appeals Court Confirms Chiropractors Cannot Do EMC’s for PIP Suits The Florida Third District Court of Appeals made its decision on whether Doctors of Chiropractor Medicine can determine an Emergency Medical Condition (“EMC”) as defined in the Florida Statute’s…


Personal Injury Protection Coverage and Rental Cars

Car Accident Lawyer in Florida

Using Your PIP When Renting A Car in Florida Whether it’s to take a road trip, get a round a city your visiting or to use while your car is in the shop many Floridians are familiar with renting a…


Proposed PIP-Canceling Legislation Will Raise Rates for Low-income Families

Those who can currently only afford the least amount of car insurance coverage will see the biggest hikes. By now, most people in relevant industries have heard about the proposed legislation to end Florida PIP, but most everyday citizens have…


10 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Claims

Misconception 1: I have insurance, so I don’t need an attorney. It is important to remember that insurance companies are running a for-profit business. An initial offer from the insurance company to settle your claim will almost always be less…


Proving Your Losses for a Florida PIP Claim

PIP Lawyers in Clearwater

Florida’s Personal Injury Protection1 (PIP) insurance is a “no-fault” auto insurance system. This means that drivers are covered for up to $10,000 in damages regardless of whether they or another driver was at fault for the accident. This and other…


The Importance of Accurate Medical Records for a PIP Claim

Car Accident Lawyers in Clearwater

After a car accident, you may feel some pain or soreness. It is surprising how many people in this situation tend to minimize their injuries and convince themselves they do not need to go to the emergency department or seek…


Florida PIP (Personal Injury Protection): FAQ

Florida PIP Lawyers FAQ

As Florida PIP Law Attorneys, we understand the nuances and intricacies of Florida’s No-Fault Law and the Florida PIP Statutes. We are constantly informing our clients, medical providers, and colleagues about the different areas of PIP law that apply to…


Differences between 411-PAIN and Our Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

After a car crash, you may be confused about who to call for legal assistance – and rightfully so. After all, you may constantly see ads on television and on the internet for different personal injury lawyers promising to help…