Actos was prescribed for diabetes but has caused serious side effects.

Pioglitazone, commonly known as Actos, is an oral medication which helps to control blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It is produced by Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

Actos has several side effects, most disturbing of which is that it has cause congestive heart failure (a serious condition wherein the heart cannot properly pump blood) in past patients. These instances have caused the FDA place its strongest warning, a “black box label” on every bottle of Actos sold.

In addition to the cardiovascular concerns, Actos also has carcinogenic properties. In 2011 the FDA discovered that taking Actos for more than one year can contribute to the development of bladder cancer.

Using Actos also increases the risk of edema (an abnormal accumulation of fluid under the skin) which can cause severe swelling.

There are several other side effects associated with the use of Actos, including but not limited to: stomach pain, painful urination or blood in urine, chest pain, rapid weight gain, nausea and blurred vision.

A recent whistle-blower lawsuit claims that Takeda gave false reports about hundreds of cases of congestive heart failure resulting from the drug. You can read more about the case here.

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