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Florida Zantac Carcinogen Lawsuits

Dangerous Zantac Carcinogen Risk Recalls

The heartburn medicine known as Zantac has been recalled by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi across all markets after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determined that the drug has what they call “unacceptable” levels of probable cancer-causing impurities. Zantac is a fairly popular heartburn relief drug that is also known as ranitidine. It is among one of the most recent drugs to have been found to contain carcinogenic qualities. These drugs have the potential to cause any number of severe illnesses and injuries to consumers that take them. Companies such as Sanofi should be held accountable for putting such dangerous products out on the market and available to consumers that trust that the products they use will not make them sick.  

What is Zantac?

Zantac, also known as ranitidine, is an over the counter antihistamine and antacid medicine that falls into a category of drugs called histamine-2 blockers. This drug works by reducing the amount of acid that the stomach creates in order to help combat heartburn associated with acid indigestion and sour stomach. Zantac is available over the counter but in some cases requires a prescription. Prescription-strength Zantac may be used to treat and to prevent ulcers in the stomach. The drug is sold by numerous companies in both over the counter and prescription-strength versions.

Zantac Medication Recalls

Sanofi is recalling four of their prescription-only Zantac medicines. These include a syrup, an injection form of the drug, and a tablet version with 150mg and 300mg doses because of a potential carcinogen they may contain called nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). There are over-the-counter 75mg doses of Zantac that are not affected by this recall because they are produced by a different company. 

The presence of NDMA in these Zantac medicines is believed to have been caused by issues with Zantac’s manufacturing process and there is an ongoing investigation being carried out to determine the source of these dangerous issues. In the meantime, major chains such as Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart have pulled the drug from their shelves and healthcare professionals have been advised to stop supplying the drug to patients and return their supplies of Zantac to the manufacturer as a precaution. 

The Dangers of NDMA in Zantac

NDMA is considered to be a potential hepatoxic and carcinogen that can cause a number of complications and health risks regarding the liver, bladder, stomach, and many other internal organs. Carcinogens are a danger to your health not to be taken lightly. Consumers that take drugs with carcinogenic ingredients have a significant risk to develop cancers and other debilitating illnesses related to the degradation of cellular DNA. Carcinogens are substances that cause issues with cellular DNA. This can either be done directly by causing damage to the DNA contained within a cell or through the forced replication of a cell that can have an adverse effect on DNA.  

Zantac Cancer Risks

As a result of this damage to a cell’s DNA caused by exposure to carcinogens, many people suffer severe illness and injury typically in the form of cancer. It goes without saying that cancer is one of the worst maladies that a person can suffer. Many families and even communities feel great pain as a result of loved ones being diagnosed with cancer. Even more mild forms of cancer require treatments that can be exceptionally painful and costly for those affected. It is because of this that there is personal injury law and the ability to seek compensation for these health issues through a defective drug product liability claim when they are caused by a product maker’s negligence. 

Types of Injuries Related to Zantac

  • Bladder cancer
  • Colon and rectal cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Intestinal cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Nervous System Disorders
  • Arrhythmia or tachycardia
  • Vitamin B-12 Deficiency
  • Liver Failure

Zantac Injury Symptoms

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Jaundice
  • Abdominal pain and cramps
  • Dizziness
  • An enlarged liver
  • Vomiting
  • Reduced kidney and liver function

Zantac Statistics

  • Testing determined a single Zantac tablet has nanograms of NDMA when the daily recommended limit is 96 nanograms.
  • That is 3,171 times more than the FDA’s recommended daily limit
  • In 2016, Zantac was the 50th most prescribed medication in the United States
  • More than 15 million prescriptions for Zantac were given every year from 2012-2017

Product Liability and Dangerous Drugs 

When something is found wrong with a drug much like with what is happening with Zantac, there is usually a recall to help avoid the further increase of possible injury among consumers. However, these recalls tend to occur after many people have suffered sufficient exposure to dangerous drugs to cause them to develop a severe injury. In this case, those that have suffered severe injuries because of a drug that was defective either because of its design, manufacturing, or insufficient warning labeling, can seek compensation for their injuries through a product liability claim.

Florida Product Liability Claims Regarding Defective Drugs

It is not unusual for drugs such as Zantac to be defective in some way and injure consumers. There are many drugs that have been found to cause a number of severe injuries to consumers over the years because of issues with design, manufacturing, or labeling. In order for someone to seek compensation because of a defective drug like Zantac, they must first have suffered an injury because of its use. A provable injury is the cornerstone of any personal injury claim, let alone a defective drug claim

Filing a Zantac Lawsuit

Next, there must be a party liable for the injury that a consumer has suffered. In this case that liable party could potentially be the maker of Zantac, Sanofi. In order for a party to be considered liable for the injuries that a person suffered because of defective drugs, that party would have to have a duty of care to the consumer which Sanofi does for its customers. In addition, that party must be found negligent which means that they must have had some ability to prevent the problems caused by their product because of a foreseeable problem that was left unaddressed. 

If these criteria are sufficiently satisfied then a person may be able to seek compensation for damages caused by defective drug exposure such as medical expenses, lost wages, disability, as well as pain and suffering. A claim can be filed to show that a consumer has a right to compensation because of provable injuries tied to the liable party’s negligence. After that negotiations can begin to determine a settlement between the two parties. If a settlement can’t be reached then the matter will go to court where a jury will decide whether compensation is owed to a plaintiff. 

Recent Zantac Lawsuit News Developments

So far, a number of different pharmaceutical companies that produce Zantac drugs have taken these products off of the market due to the risk they pose. As a result, these companies like the french major pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, have taken immense losses to their bottom line reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

In addition to this, Zantac lawsuits have reached sufficient numbers that the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation or JPML has determined that Zantac lawsuits should be centralized in Florida’s Southern District. The action comes as a result of both plaintiffs and defendants of these Zantac injury cases calling for the consolidation of federally filed Zantac lawsuits before one court.

Contact an Experienced Florida Drug Injury Attorney

When you seek treatment from a medical professional and take prescription medications, you have a right to assume that what you are taking is safe and will work as intended. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and each year, people are injured by defectively manufactured or developed prescription drugs. In some cases, the injury is caused by a medical professional’s negligence in prescribing a particular drug.

Drugs like Zantac have the potential to cause severe injuries to those that use it. The people that suffer these injuries deserve compensation for the damages that they suffered due to the negligence of liable parties that did not take the proper precautions when making such a drug available to consumers. Dolman Law Group specializes in holding these groups accountable for their negligence and recovering settlements for those that have suffered because of this negligence. 

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