Things to Avoid Doing After a Car Accident

September 1, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Things to Avoid Doing After a Car Accident

Some Actions After an Accident Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

A car accident victim must be careful in how they act following their car accident because specific actions can affect your ability to seek compensation for accident injuries. The confusion following a car accident can cause the victim to do things that are not in their best interest, such as saying something that can be construed as an admission of fault for the accident. An insurance company can use these mistakes to limit the amount they receive from a successful claim. A car accident lawyer can help a victim to avoid these mistakes. They can inform a victim of the best actions to take following a car accident and the common pitfalls affecting a claim. A car accident lawyer will fight for you so you can get the compensation you need for your car accident injuries.

Don't Forget to Contact the Police After a Car Accident

Some drivers can forget to call the police because they are so focused on moving to safety, assessing their injuries, and talking with the other driver involved in the accident. Contacting the police allows them to evaluate the scene and file a car accident report. This report includes details about the accident, including the date and time of the accident, descriptions of the vehicles, names of the parties involved, and damages. This report is a vital document that your lawyer can use to prove liability in a car accident claim. Not filing a report with the police can make it much more difficult for you to receive compensation from a car accident claim. Even if you feel you suffered minor injuries, calling the police to create a legal record of events is essential for any future legal proceedings.

Don't Forgo Treatment for Your Car Accident Injuries

Some victims of car accidents do not seek medical treatment because they feel their injuries are minor or they cannot afford it. Seeking medical attention following a car accident is essential, as only a physician can accurately assess the severity of your injuries. Some injuries do not have apparent symptoms and can only be discovered by a trained professional. You need to see a doctor so they can treat the injuries you suffered and prevent them from getting worse. It is also important to note that seeking medical care after a car accident as soon as possible is not just beneficial to your personal health but for a future liability claim as well. When you see a physician after an accident your treatment of your injuries is documented which can cement your injuries as credible when they come under the scrutiny of the insurance company in the future. The longer you take to seek medical care, the less your injuries will appear severe in the eyes of the insurance company. 

Not Seeking Medical Treatment Can Affect Your PIP Coverage

Seeking medical treatment is a critical facet of receiving personal injury protection coverage. No-fault states like Florida require drivers to purchase personal injury protection, which can cover up to $10,000 worth of damages caused by a car accident. A driver can also receive their benefits if they adhere to the PIP 14-day provision. According to Florida Statute 627.736, drivers involved in an accident must pursue medical treatment within 14 days of the initial accident to receive access to PIP medical benefits. This rule allows a driver's personal injury protection insurance to cover 80% of the victim's medical expenses.

Never Admit to Fault for Your Role in a Car Accident

A car accident victim may feel sorry for the person that caused the accident and admit to some liability for the accident. Do not do this under any circumstance. Admitting fault, even just to make someone feel better, can make it difficult or you to recover damages. The only conversation you should have with the at-fault driver should involve you exchanging contact information so you can pursue compensation for the damage they caused. This may seem fairly obvious but many clients come to us for assistance after they make this very mistake. For example, one of the most common ways people inadvertently admit fault for an accident is by apologizing. Saying you are sorry after an accident that was not your fault at all is a reflex for a lot of people that think they are just being polite but in reality they just made a statement that can be construed as an admission of fault for the accident. 

Do Not Give Out Details About Your Car Accident On Social Media

Using social media to vent about a recent car accident can negatively affect your car accident claim. An insurance company will scour your social media activity and search for anything they can use to limit your potential settlement. Posts made out of frustration can lack clarity and attention to detail. If you write something that isn't accurate to the reported events of the accident, an insurance company can use that to negatively affect your possible compensation. You should refrain from speaking on social media as if you are unaffected by the accident. You are seeking compensation for damages that severely affected your life. For example, posting selfies of yourself engaging in physical activities when you should be recuperating from your injuries is inconsistent with the effect of these damages on your life and the insurance company will take note.

Recovering Damages from a Car Accident With the Help of a Lawyer

A car accident lawyer can assist in filing a claim with the at-fault party's insurance company to receive compensation for your damages. An experienced car accident lawyer can make the process easier by telling you what to do and what not to do in the aftermath of an accident. With their advice, you can ensure that your potential settlement is not affected by one of the many common mistakes that plague car accident victims in the aftermath of their collision. An insurance company can be challenging to negotiate with as a regular civilian. A car accident lawyer will be able to level the playing field to counteract their attempts to mitigate your compensation and make the negotiation of a settlement fair.  A car accident lawyer can help you file the claim, send out the demand letter, assess liability, collect evidence, interview witnesses, negotiate the settlement, and represent you in court.

Liability in a Car Accident

Your lawyer must be able to prove the at-fault driver's negligence for them to be liable in a car accident claim. There must be evidence that can show the driver was engaging in negligent actions that led to the car accident. These actions include distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, not using turn signals, etc. The following are some of the types of evidence your lawyer can use to prove the at-fault party's negligence and liability:

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Car Accident Claim 

Dolman Law Group can assist you in filing a car accident claim. Some of the damages you could collect from a successful car accident claim include medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential, property damage, disability costs, wrongful death, and pain and suffering. Dolman Law Group's experienced car accident lawyers will work with you through every step of your car accident claim. Our lawyers will advise you on the best practices following a car accident to ensure you do not limit your potential settlement by making a mistake. We have built a reputation as one of the preeminent Florida personal injury firms not just on our effectiveness in court or our skill at the negotiating table but also through our ability to work closely with our clients so they know we are invested in the outcome of their case.  Contact Dolman Law Group today for help fighting towards receiving fair compensation for your injuries. Call 833-55-CRASH or leave us a message on our online contact page for a free consultation.  


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