Chantix Recall Lawsuits

February 2, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

The makers of the smoking-cessation drug Chantix have recalled their supply after finding high levels of a carcinogenic chemical known as nitrosamine. Chantix users were unaware of their increased risk of developing cancer, as Pfizer failed to identify this defect during testing or provide a warning label to consumers. Chantix has since been fully recalled by Pfizer, following these allegations.

Pfizer is now facing product liability lawsuits from Chantix users seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages like pain and suffering. The product liability lawyers of Dolman Law Group are prepared to help Chantix users by providing experienced legal representation in order to seek maximum compensation for Chantix-related damages. 

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with our team to learn more about the qualifications for filing a Chantix lawsuit and what damages you may be eligible to claim.

How Can a Chantix Product Liability Attorney Help Me?

When a defective product causes an injury, you should be able to focus on healing and recovery. Unfortunately, you may need to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation to be able to afford the unexpected medical bills and other expenses associated with a serious injury or illness like cancer. A product liability attorney can provide the legal expertise you need to maximize your compensation.

Product liability attorneys are well-versed in the administrative requirements associated with filing a claim to ensure that your claim is not dismissed based on easily avoidable errors. Additionally, a qualified product liability lawyer will know how to strategically negotiate to secure maximum compensation and avoid the defendant’s attempts to undermine your claim. They will function as your representative to other parties, including bill collectors, insurance agents, and the defendant’s lawyers.

In cases like the Chantix recall lawsuits, analyzing plaintiffs’ medical records will likely be a critical part of establishing liability. Having the aid of a personal injury lawyer can be critical because they will be able to organize and distill this evidence into a digestible format and recruit expert witnesses to support your claim. 

Personal injury attorneys who specialize in product liability law are well-suited to this task, as they frequently leverage evidence from their testing of the product and their client’s injuries to secure a fair settlement.

Chantix Recalled Over Concerns About Cancer Risk

Chantix is a prescription drug that is intended to help people stop smoking. In its generic form, Chantix is known as varenicline. Chantix has been on the market since 2006 when it was approved by the FDA. Since then, consumers have raised concerns about a number of alarming side effects, including:

  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Aggression and hostility

In response to these reports, the FDA added a black box warning to Chantix in 2009. Two years later, the warning was updated to include heart attacks. The warning label was later removed in 2016 after a panel decided that the effects were less likely than anticipated, albeit by a margin of one vote. However, this was not the end of the controversy surrounding Chantix.

Pfizer, the maker of Chantix, issued a voluntary recall in July 2021 after numerous complaints about dangerous levels of nitrosamine, which is a potential carcinogen. Unsafe levels of N-nitroso-varenicline, the nitrosamine impurity, can elevate the user’s risk of developing cancer if the user is exposed to higher than acceptable levels over a significant period of time. By September of 2021, Pfizer had recalled the rest of their lots of Chantix based on the levels of nitrosamine present in their drugs.

Smokers Who Use Chantix Sue Pfizer for Its Negligence

Smokers become addicted to cigarettes because the nicotine in them causes the brain to release dopamine, a hormone that boosts mood. Chantix works by preventing the nicotine from causing the brain to release dopamine, so smokers no longer get that pleasurable effect. Chantix has been marketed as a safe medication to assist people who want to quit smoking.

Instead, plaintiffs in the Chantix product liability lawsuits say that the makers of this defective product negligently allowed a dangerous drug to be brought to the market. They accuse Pfizer of failing to thoroughly test Chantix and misrepresenting the risk to users by neglecting to add a warning label. Plaintiffs believe that Pfizer should be held liable for the damages they have sustained as a result of the injuries inflicted by Chantix, which they argue could have been avoided.

Pfizer has already settled a group of Chantix lawsuits in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) for over $250 million dollars over the earlier concerns about behavioral side effects. The plaintiffs in the MDL claimed that Pfizer failed to properly warn them of the intense psychological effects associated with the drug, and the courts agreed. 

Chantix’s fraught history may work in the plaintiffs’ favor, but they must still demonstrate that Pfizer was negligent in allowing unsafe levels of nitrosamine in Chantix and failing to provide a warning label to consumers.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Chantix Lawsuit?

Cancer is typically a debilitating illness that impacts every facet of your life. Perhaps you became too sick to work, and require a caregiver to dress, drive, feed, and bathe you. Without a career and the inability to care for yourself, you may be struggling with mental health issues. Chantix users who have developed cancer face financial setbacks, in addition to physical and mental strain. These costs can potentially be compensated in a product liability lawsuit.

When a personal injury lawyer examines your case, they will account for both economic and non-economic damages. Many plaintiffs are unaware of the full extent of the losses they can be compensated for. Economic damages are usually straightforward, and plaintiffs can typically validate these financial losses by presenting a receipt or pay stub.

Additionally, plaintiffs can receive reimbursement for a variety of non-economic losses. Non-economic losses account for the intangible losses that plaintiffs sustain as a result of their injuries. 

Examples of Damages in a Chantix Lawsuit:

There are likely to be a number of Chantix users who file product liability claims against Pfizer to recover damages. You should expect that there will be some degree of variation among settlements, provided that Pfizer is found liable for damages. 

Two people may not be affected in the same way by similar cancer diagnoses. To ensure that you have the best chance of maximizing your compensation, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer to understand which losses may qualify for compensation and determine the value of your damages.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Chantix Lawsuits

1) Should I continue taking Chantix if I am trying to quit smoking?

The current FDA recommendation is for Chantix users to continue using the drug if they are trying to quit smoking. The FDA’s position is that cigarettes are known carcinogens and the benefits of quitting smoking outweigh the potential risks associated with using Chantix. Smokers may also want to consider alternative medications or methods of quitting if they do not feel comfortable continuing to use Chantix, in consultation with their doctor.

2) How much does a Chantix cancer lawyer cost?

If you have been injured and unfairly saddled with additional expenses because of someone else’s negligence, cost should not be a barrier to receiving qualified legal representation. That’s why the payment system for personal injury lawyers is designed to allow injured parties to receive the representation they need to recover their damages without being pulled further into debt. 

At Dolman Law Group, we do not require an upfront fee to provide legal representation. Once we have settled your personal injury claim, we recover a contingency fee, which is approximately a third of the settlement. If we are unsuccessful in negotiating a settlement, you don’t owe us anything.

3) What is the burden of proof in a Chantix recall lawsuit?

In general, the burden of proof is the evidentiary threshold a plaintiff, or the party doing the accusing, must meet in order to make a successful case. Personal injury claims are civil claims, where the consequences for an at-fault defendant are typically financial as opposed to a criminal case where incarceration is on the table. 

That means the burden of proof is lower for the plaintiffs. The representatives for the plaintiff must make a case that a preponderance of the evidence supports their claim in order to recover damages for their client. A preponderance of the evidence means that it was more likely than not, or there was a greater than 50% chance that the plaintiff’s claim is accurate.

Why Should I Hire Dolman Law Group to Represent Me in a Chantix Lawsuit?

Managing cancer treatments, in addition to the emotional, financial, and physical consequences that entails, is often a demanding process. In the meantime, you need a dependable advocate to focus on negotiating for the compensation you need. The personal injury lawyers of Dolman Law Group are results-driven, dedicated professionals who specialize in product liability claims. 

Our team of product liability lawyers has represented clients in multiple mass tort claims in order to secure them fair compensation for their damages. We are capable of handling claims of this magnitude and complexity, and often do so for other personal injury law firms. In addition to having the respect of the legal community, the personal injury attorneys of Dolman Law Group are respected by our former clients.

Dolman Law Group is distinguished by our unparalleled work ethic, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond for our injured clients. With Dolman Law Group, you receive the benefits of our extensive resources and our ability to devote the time and effort your case deserves. You can trust our team to diligently pursue maximum compensation for your claim while you focus on healing.

Dolman Law Group Has a Strong Record of Success

At Dolman Law Group, we take pride in our record of maximizing compensation for our injured clients. Our team has successfully settled personal injury lawsuits for over a decade by demonstrating a relentless work ethic and strategic negotiating skills. We have earned a reputation for achieving outstanding results for clients who have been injured by another party’s negligence.

Our ability to be detail-oriented while simultaneously accounting for the big picture allows us to present persuasive claims that ensure our clients are reimbursed for their physical, financial, and emotional losses. 

You can rest assured that your Chantix product liability claim will receive the attention it deserves from our award-winning team of personal injury lawyers as we seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

Contact Dolman Law Group for Help With Your Chantix Lawsuit

Anyone who has tried to quit smoking knows that it is an uphill battle against your own body. You should be able to trust that the drug that is supposed to help you quit an addiction won’t cause additional harm in the process. At Dolman Law Group, we are committed to helping you hold drug manufacturers like Pfizer accountable for harming your health and jeopardizing your finances.

The defective drug attorneys of Dolman Law Group have experience taking personal injury claims to trial to ensure that our clients are fairly compensated for their damages. This can prove valuable when defendants are unwilling to come to a fair settlement agreement. We won’t pressure you to settle your claim just to say that we have closed your case.

If you have developed serious health issues after using the defective drug Chantix, you should consider taking legal action. The product liability attorneys of Dolman Law Group have the expertise and resources that are necessary to make a successful claim for damages.

Reach out to our team today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your claims and learn more about the benefits of our services.


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