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Archive: Employment Law

Disgruntled Employees And The Law

Recently, there was a terrible tragedy involving a disgruntled employee who sought revenge against the television network that fired him and replaced him with his ex-coworker. In March of 2012, Vester Lee Flanagan whose television name was Bryce Williams began…


Discrimination Due To Pregnancy?

At the end of last year, there was an article published in the New York Times that illustrated how major companies are taking parental leave serious. Millennials are the biggest generation to hit the work force to date and they…


Independent Contractors & Misclassification In The Trucking Industry

During this past summer, FedEx settled a $227 million lawsuit that alleged the company misclassified its delivery drivers as independent contractors. More than 2,000 FedEx workers were paid out because the classification as independent contractors allows FedEx to not offer…


What Is a Wrongful Termination?

Since the 1970s, states have increasingly recognized claims brought by employees who allege that their employment was terminated in violation of public policy.  To varying degrees, all 50 states have adopted an employment “at-will” doctrine which allows an employer to…


Unfair Business Practices at

Amazon's unfair employment & business practices

An Employment Law Case Study Recently, the New York Times published an article called Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace, which thoroughly established anecdotes and claims by previous or anonymous employers who support the paper’s assertions that “the…


Too Fat To Fly?

Obese Passengers on Airplanes

Air India is firing employees who are over their BMI standards for “safe” flying. However, many are skeptical for their reasoning because of the overwhelming difference between the expectations of women when compared to the expectation of men to have…


What Is a Sexually Hostile Work Environment?

According to the Supreme Court, the requirement that sexual discrimination is “severe or pervasive” contains an objective and a subjective element. Therefore, to be actionable, this conduct must result in both an environment that a reasonable person would find hostile…


Are Dancers Entitled to Minimum Wage?

05.14.2015 by | Employment Law

The dancers at Tattletales, the same one immortalized in the Motley Crue song, Girls, Girls, Girls, in Atlanta, Georgia are seeking to be paid minimum wage pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act. [1] According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution…


Information About Sexual Harassment in Florida Workplaces

Sexual Harassment & Florida Workplaces

In modern times, too many people believe that sexual harassment is no longer a big issue in the workplace due to the increasing emphasis on gender rights. However, sexual harassment occurs every day in workplaces across the United States and…


Independent Contractors or Employees: The Importance of Correctly Classifying Workers in Florida

Employee or Independent Contractor Working in Florida

As the landscape of the modern employer-employee relationship changes, more and more people engage in non-traditional roles in the workplace. The Internet has allowed existing businesses to outsource tasks that were once performed in-house and has given workers more and…