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Woman Arrested for DUI after Hitting School Bus

Most people are aware that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the most dangerous times of year to drive. Increased traffic from people visiting family and attending social gatherings where alcohol is consumed inevitably leads to a larger than normal amount of intoxicated drivers on the roads. In Florida, Thanksgiving regularly brings a 50% jump in arrest rates for drunk driving.

While Thanksgiving weekend is behind us, it is important to remember that intoxicated drivers are always a danger, no matter the day of the week or the time of day. A disturbing example occurred just yesterday when a St. Petersburg woman was arrested after police say she rear ended a school bus while driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, Nancy Kavallierakis was driving on 30th Avenue North approaching 24th Street North at around 2:30 p.m. when the accident occurred. Police say that the bus made a stop in the roadway and Kavallierakis failed to brake in time, causing the front of her Volkswagen to crash into the rear end of the bus. At the time of the accident, the bus was occupied by only the driver and three children. Luckily, none of them sustained injuries. The real kicker to this story is that Kavallierakis had her 3-year-old son in the car at the time of the accident. Police made no comment as to whether her own child was injured in the crash. A DUI investigation was conducted and Kavallierakis was arrested at the scene of the accident. She is charged with felony DUI, careless driving and refusal to submit to breath, blood or urine testing.

Getting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous decision, but to do it with your own child in the vehicle is unthinkable. While this accident clearly displays a terrible parenting decision, it should also serve as a warning to all those who drive on Florida’s roadways. If there are drunk drivers out there willing to put their own children at risk, how concerned are they about the safety of other drivers or pedestrians?

You’ve surely heard it before, but being a “defensive driver” is the best way to protect you and your passengers. Defensive driving involves constantly being aware of and anticipating dangerous driving conditions in order to avoid the risk of collision. It only takes a short lapse in concentration for the negligent driving of another person to cause an accident that injures you or your passengers. Unfortunately, drunk drivers often do their damage before they are stopped.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury at the hands of a driver under the influence of alcohol, you should be compensated and the driver should be punished. At Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA we understand that choosing an attorney is not a decision to be taken lightly. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing the victims of intoxicated drivers. If you are seeking counsel or simply have unanswered questions please do not hesitate to contact our experienced attorneys for a free consultation or case evaluation.