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Who Should You Call After an Accident?

Car Accident Lawyers in Florida

After a car accident happens, you can be disoriented and confused. You may be feeling pain and stiffness and are likely concerned about damage to your vehicle and the costs of medical care that you may need. Your first call may be to 911 so the police and medical personnel will come to the scene. Your next call will likely be to your spouse, parent, or another loved one to tell them what happened. However, when you realize that you may need legal assistance following the crash, who will you call then?

The hotline 411-PAIN has a catchy slogan that “after 911,” you should “call 411.” Unfortunately, this slogan can stick in the minds of many people who may have only recently heard it on the radio or on a television commercial. They call 411-PAIN as a result and many regret this decision months down the road.

411-PAIN has a network of attorneys who pay for the referrals of auto accident victims. An attorney will be assigned to your case and you may have little idea of their skill or experience level. Too many people either trust that an attorney will do a good job or are hesitant to question their lawyer because they do not fully understand the legal process. Often, an accident victim may not even know their attorney provided subpar or even unethical representation1 until it is too late.

In addition, 411-PAIN also has a network of clinics that provide chiropractic care. Their advice is usually to go to one of these clinics for your treatment. However, recommending chiropractic care without even knowing the nature of your injuries can be dangerous. Many injuries require a trip to the hospital to be adequately treated.

Call Your Own Personal Injury Attorney

Calling a respected personal injury law firm directly is often a much better way to ensure your case will be in good hands. An attorney will meet with you for free and discuss what happened, let you know your options, and answer all of the questions that you have. If you have a bad feeling, there is no obligation to retain that lawyer.

Choosing the right attorney is a personal decision. You should trust that a law firm truly has your best interests in mind, and you cannot do that with 411-PAIN. In addition, our attorneys are not affiliated with any medical professionals. While we may be able to make recommendations if you want, we want you to receive the medical care that you are most comfortable with and that best treats your injuries. When it comes to the legal side of your car accident, you can rest assured that we are doing our jobs for you.

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After a car accident, we know you may be stressed and confused about who to call. Instead of listening to false promises on tv commercials, call the Dolman Law Group to discuss your situation with a highly experienced personal injury attorney. We are truly on your side, so please call today at 727-451-6900 or contact us online.