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Whiplash: Why Many are Going Untreated and Sustain Lasting Painful Injuries

What is whiplash?

Whiplash, also more formally known as, moderate impact soft tissue damage, is commonly associated with rear end automobile accidents. The damage is often times caused to the cervical spine (upper neck) and occurs when a person’s head extends forward and backward in a snapping-like motion. Injuries can be apparent to the injured party immediately or can develop over time.

Symptoms of whiplash include but are not limited to: neck pain, headache, stiffness, shoulder and back pain, dizziness, fatigue, jaw pain, arm pain, weakness, and nausea. Injuries can range anywhere from minor neck and back pain for a few weeks/months or a more serious concern, such as a herniated disc or muscle dysfunction, which can be debilitating for months or even years. At times, individuals fail to note the severity of their injuries due to the minimal damage to their vehicle and attribute their pain to soreness from the accident that will eventually dissipate.

Recovering from Insurance companies

A common problem associated with auto accidents and claims where the Plaintiff suffers from moderate impact soft tissue damage is a failure of insurance companies to recognize the actual severity of the injury. Why? These injuries are often times are overlooked because they are virtually undetectable through a scan or x-ray. Because of the lack of detection, insurance companies use the opportunity to either completely deny the claim or make recovery so difficult that it is not worthwhile. These enormous, money-making corporations point to the lack of damage to the vehicles involved and refuse to take the insured’s claims seriously. They fail to understand (or don’t actually care to notice) that the shock not absorbed the by vehicle was likely absorbed by the individuals inside of the vehicle.

Should you hire an attorney?

So you have been rear ended and you are unsure whether or not to hire an attorney. You are told by the insurance companies that your injuries are minimal and because of the reasons listed above you are having difficulty recovering. Further, you are not treating with a physician to the extent that you should and because of this, the pain is not subsiding. If this all sounds familiar, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. I would advise to be weary of some injury attorneys because they may (like the insurance companies) not take your case seriously and let it sit on the back burner. I would be exaggerating to state that a minor impact claim is going yield a million dollar settlement, but the value of your case should have no bearing on the level of attention given to it by your attorney or by the insurance company handling your claim. Don’t be another victim of the insurance company bullies or of these mill law firms. Hire an attorney you can count on.

How do I go about hiring an attorney?

First and foremost, you should consider if you can actually meet an attorney instead of only a case manager or investigator. If a law firm seems like it does not have enough time for your case, they probably don’t. Some attorneys will take a small impact, minor tissue damage case and simply allow a paralegal handle the matter from beginning to end. At the Dolman Law Group, we treat all of our clients equally. You will have each attorney’s cell phone number, to which you can contact us at any time regarding your case. If you are interested in hiring a Clearwater auto accident attorney that cares or you want more information on cases involving minor impact soft tissue damages, please call us at: (727) 451-6900.