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Whiplash: What is it?

Whiplash is a very common injury resulting from auto crash accidents. These are seemingly minor injuries which may cause pain and symptoms on a permanent basis. Musculoligamentous injuries may not be curable by provocative medical intervention.

Video Transcription

What is whiplash? I’m often asked by perspective clients and some existing clients about whiplash. And this is probably the most common injury that you are to sustain in an automobile accident. What normally occurs is in a rear-end accident where your car is hit in the rear, your head will jerk backwards then forwards. So that’s extension then flexion, but it’s done in a very violent and rapid manner. And what often results is damage to tendons, tears to ligaments, destruction of the muscles. These are musculoligamentous injuries that are difficult to heal and it’s difficult for physicians to give a prognosis on healing time, and it’s very, very rare that there’s surgical intervention available for such injuries.

Even worse and more ironic is the fact that the insurance carriers demean these injuries. They see them as very minor soft tissue injuries. But the truth is that with a disc injury in your neck or your back, those are likely to either heal over time or in the absence of them being able to heal or in the absence of you having an alleviation of your chronic pain, you can see a surgeon who can perform surgical intervention and help you. Not so much when it comes to musculoligamentous injuries, especially of the neck. This is damage that’s done to ligaments and they’re permanent.

The stretching and tearing of the ligament, that ligament often never returns back to normal. It may restrict your range of motion. It may lead to debilitating chronic pain in your neck. It may inhibit you from performing certain activities or your ability to do that activity as well as you did before. It may limit your ability to go to the gym. Certain physical activities will become very painful. Your personality as a whole can be affected. Now you’re a lot more irritable. Your quality of life has been diminished. And many attorneys take these cases as not being very serious and they’re willing to settle these claims for nothing, pennies on the dollar, volume in, volume out, garbage in, garbage out.

You need to see an attorney that’s experienced in handling whiplash claims, that has a plan of action how to handle it, is up to date on the latest science and advances in medicine. Come see us at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA. For more information, visit www.DolmanLaw.com, D-O-L-M-A-N-L-A-W.COM and we’ll keep you up to date on the latest information on whiplash and automobile accidents in general. Feel free to drop me a line a [email protected] and I’m happy to answer your questions. Thank you.

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