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More Vehicles Recalled Can Affect Pinellas County Residents

General Motors has made headlines this year for their constant recalls of over 29 million vehicles for such problems as faulty ignition switches and defective airbags. Many accidents and unfortunate injuries and deaths have been caused by these defects in GM’s vehicles, and GM is paying the price. So far they have spent over $400 million in compensating victims of auto accidents caused by their defective ignition switch, and over $3.4 billion so far on vehicle recalls, loaner calls, and extended warranties. They also have over 100 current lawsuit filed against them, and the end is not insight.


General Motors announced on August 8 that they need to recall 461,000 more vehicles to fix the continuing problems with unsafe ignition switches, seat belts, and other vehicle issues. This is the 65th recall General Motors has made this year. The recall consisted of the Saturn Vue SUV model from 2002-2004. The main issue was that the ignition key could potentially slip out while the car was still in operation. General Motors stated that so far, they are only aware of two crashes and one injury related to the faulty ignition switch.


German automaker Volkswagen has also recently announced a vehicle recall. According to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Volkswagen has recalled 151,000 of its Tiguan Sport Utility Vehicle from the years 2009-20014. It was discovered that the sport utility vehicle’s engine could stall when bubbles in the fuel line would make their appearance. This happens when winterized gasoline is used in warmer temperatures. The fuel tank pump can degrade because of deposits left in the gasoline due to the winterized gasoline, and experts believe it may not be able to handle high vapor pressures and can “starve the engine” if the engine is restarted shortly after shutting off.

The problem has been occurring after the engine has been running at normal operating temperature, then is shut off, then started back up again. The problem was first discovered in February by Volkswagen, and in June they sent a technical service bulletin to dealerships.


Auto accidents as a result of a faulty vehicle often result in serious injuries to the driver and any other passengers in the vehicle. Those involved in such accidents may be entitled to compensation for the damages suffered, such as injuries, medical treatment, lost wages, and quality of life.

At Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, our team of experienced defective vehicle attorneys is determined to hold the negligent vehicle manufacturers responsible for the damages their mistakes caused to our clients. We have the resources to take on the largest manufacturers, such as General Motors, and have a proven track record of satisfied clients that most of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations.

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