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Matt Dolman Quoted on Unagi Scooters Blog

“Is my scooter legal?” is a question many are asking and few know to the answer today. The micromobility industry is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting in the world—with promises for a cleaner planet, satisfaction in our commutes, and increased upward social mobility, in addition to abundances of the basics of time and money savings. And with this pace of innovation comes a struggle for regulation to keep up.

Unagi Scooters released the first scooter laws study in late 2019, and it since became the #1 result for most regulation-related Google searches. The new completely overhauled version includes the many changes over time as well as an even great number of fundamental improvements to the clarity, summarization, original source reporting, and distinguishing between all scooters and shared scooters—and much more.

The backlash stemming from shared scooter launches has caused worldwide governments on the city, state, regional, provincial—and in some cases, federal level—to evaluate the social implications of electric scooters in light of not only shared scooters specifically, but also the (often quite nasty) legal wars with Uber and Lyft that preceded electric micromobility.

These dispositions have heavily informed the legal status of electric scooters, but the bright side is that as the dust has settled, impact has quickly become more universally positive and understood.

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