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Trucking Accidents: Dangers on the Road

Too often there are semi-tractor trailers on the road with an exhausted, overworked individual at the wheel. These semi-trucks are difficult to drive and require extreme attention to detail. Large companies give drivers strict deadlines to meet that even offer incentives for early arrivals. The results of these tactics and stressful conditions for drivers have proven tragic. Every year thousands die at the hands of these large machines and generally little is done by the legislature to mitigate the resulting deaths and damage.

On January 2, 2014, in the state of Michigan, a tractor trailer hauling dangerous chemicals in icy conditions overturned causing an entire highway to be shut down for a day, as well as individuals within a one mile radius to evacuate their homes. Fortunately, no one was killed in the incident, but there is no telling the long term effects from the accident for the individuals that came into contact with the chemicals or if there was any well water contamination. There is no word as to how fast the driver was going, but there is a 55 mile per hour speed limit for truck drivers in the State of Michigan. The driver was reportedly cited for careless driving.

This is a prime example of concerns with trucking accidents and the safety of other drivers on the road. Traveling across the country the conditions are becoming worse. Desolate, dark roads, no threat of law enforcement and minimal access to hospitals are a large issue. So what has been done to mitigate these concerns? Not much. Some states, have implemented laws where truck drivers must stay in one highway lane and are not permitted to go above a certain speed. However, some states, such as Illinois, have increased speeds for all, including tractor-trailers, allowing an increased threat for other drivers.

While I do not see the legislature changing the laws regarding trucking speeds, we can rest assured that there are some check points and other safety precautions used to regulate the trucking industry. But is it enough? I would recommend taking measures of safety into your own hands. For example, try to stay off of the highways late at night. When it is dark and the areas are poorly lit, it becomes easy for a driver to fall asleep at the wheel. When driving on highways try to pass large trucks and don’t coast your vehicle in any blind spots. This protects you from a potential accident. Also, if a truck appears to be swerving or is in any way unruly, call the authorities. Your attention to a potentially dangerous condition could save someone else’s life.

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